IWPG holds women’s conference to strengthen global partnership for sustainable peace 

About 150 peace sponsors and members attended the Jeonbuk Women's event at the Education and Culture…

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Allianz: Expected rise in strikes, riots, and protests to test business resilience

Since 2017, more than 400 significant anti-government protests have erupted worldwide. It is unsurprising then that…

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ANAPI’s economic mission between DRC-Morocco underway in Casablanca

Anthony Nkinzo, Director General of ANAPI stressed that "the DRC is a land of opportunities, with…

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Milk processing plants rose to 160 in 2022, says DDA

124 stakeholders were skilled in milk processing and value addition countrywide.

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Renowned educationist starts mobile theater group to address mindset-related challenges in Lango 

Charles Ayo holds a BA (Geog)  and a PGDE obtained from the oldest university in Uganda …

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Museveni’s ‘strategic tactics to salvage PDM program’ from crooks

In his random selection of people to speak out on their understanding of PDM, out of…

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Interview: Mugeni on Uganda Muslims’ ‘untimely protest against’ homosexuality

If God still spares homosexuals, how much more must men he create imitate him?

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North Kyoga takes stringent traffic and road safety measures to reduce crashes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 36,560 people were killed on the roads in…

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Acholi: Gen. Museveni tells youth to be a new force of wealth creators 

According to the Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index 2022 report, Acholi sub-region has the second highest number of…

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UPC full texts on OPM-Iron-sheets scandal, LGs dilemma 

If an area like Karamoja contributes to the nation's economy, then a deliberate effort must be…

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