Museveni’s ‘strategic tactics to salvage PDM program’ from crooks

(Last Updated On: 26 February 2023)

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni’s visits to some parts of Acholi sub-region gave hope to the youth and will hunt the best crooks in the sub-region and country in general.

During his visits, the president interacted with youth under his Presidential Initiatives to empower them, met and conversed with leaders, including a public gathering at Kaunda Grounds in the heart of Gulu City.

At Kaunda Grounds, the 78-year-old leader made a number of statements and pronouncements, our Gulu City-based Correspondent, Lil Okot Romeo reports.

“President revealed that the ‘strategic tactic’ he will use is to pick randomly a parish in this region and discuss with them and have a conversation with the local groups to find out the problems.”

“The president grew annoyed when he was touring farms of the local farmers where he found out that of the three farms he visited, none of them benefited from parish development model [PDM], they have been using their capital to boots up the farm and the technical people are trying to confuse people that the PDM money is supporting the locals.”

Museveni visited the farms of prominent people among them were Dan Kidega’s, and Dr. Josephine Osire’s.

Earlier, Museveni believed that the concerns of the local people are true and need to be addressed immediately to fight poverty in the parishes.

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“NRM Government always used direct contacts with the locals if the local leaders were being compromised by the technical people to solve the problems as it was done publicly today,” he said.

In his random selection of people to speak out on their understanding of PDM, out of 10 people, all criticized and denied the benefits of the parish development model.

They told the president PDM is not supporting them to fight poverty but only adding poverty to their families.

Soon, Museveni ordered the State House Controller to record all the details and the concerns of all the people who testified before him for further investigations on the misuse of PDM.

PDM’s implementation was planned to start from 2021-2026 under the third national development program (NDP III) and is a huge component of the NRM manifesto.

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