Kole North MP exposes massive rot in PDM and UWEP programmes in the constituency

Between May 11 and June 20, 2023, a period of more than one month, the account only had shs5 instead of shs 57,198,618 for one of the Kole North beneficiaries.

Lango to adopt self-financing model in customary land registration

Article 27 of the Land Act of 1998 says any decision taken in respect of land held under customary tenure, whether in respect of land held individually or communally, shall be in accordance with the customs..

Researchers attribute the surge in malaria cases in Northern Uganda to climate variability

In Uganda, recent occurrence of flooding in 2019 along the River Nile and droughts in Northern Uganda has had impact on the transmission of malaria in the affected areas like Gulu, Amuru, Omoro, Oyam, Amuru; Adjumani, Moyo and Obongi.

How Uganda contained Ebola outbreak using District Health Information Software 2

In September 2022, an outbreak of the Ebola Virus Diseases (EVD) was declared in central Uganda.

Agroecology, a remedy to mycotoxins in Northern Uganda

To address productivity declines and aflatoxins, farmers in Northern Uganda are gradually turning to an integrated system that incorporates several agroecological principles.

World refugees day 2023 calls for ‘inclusion and hope’ amid ongoing conflicts and displacement

Worldwide, there are over 100 million displaced people with 35.3 million of them being refugees.

How Ugandan women are helping men fight wildlife crimes  

At least 20 women have been cited for playing a significant role in fighting wildlife crimes. This includes 8 women in Kihii sub-county, Kanungu and 12 in Kamdini sub-county, Oyam district.

Press Freedom 2023: Uganda ranks 133rd as Africa becomes new disinformation and propaganda lab

Journalists in Uganda face intimidation and violence on a nearly daily basis.

Exclusive: Minister Amongi’s political decisions to quit Oyam South

Betty Amongi has been the Oyam South MP since 2011 and sources say she’s quitting for Lira City Woman MP seat in 2026.

Report: 7,398 teenage pregnancies recorded in three months in Lango

Oyam district is the leader in teenage pregnancies in the new report and is followed by Alebtong.