Editorial Policy & Code of Practice

It is a constitutional right to have Freedom of Opinion and Expression [FOE] which includes the right to hold, receive and impart opinions.

TND News Journalists shall have the right to report and publish freely and the right to be accorded the fullest possible facilities for access to public information.

Freedom of the press shall mean and include that freedom from restraint which is essential to enable publication owners, editors and journalists of TND News to advance the public interest by publishing factual news and opinions without which any democratic society cannot develop progress or make responsible decision.

Further, the fundamental principle to be sustained is that the freedom of the press is undividable from and subject matter to the same rights and duties as that of the individual and rests on the community’s fundamental right to be informed and to freely receive and disseminate opinions.


  • Our Editors are responsible for the use of material submitted by journalists employed by TND News’ parent organization, GLCSMS. Our Editors are expected to be satisfied that any material contributed by non-staff members was obtained in accordance with this code, and that it does not compromise Our Newsroom and cause anger among the society.
  • TND News welcomes opinions from members of the public and such articles are subjected to scrutiny before being published. In the event that such article breaches Our Editorial Policy, the Editorial Head shall communicate to the author of the decision to reject it, or if, he or she needs to make an adjustment.


  • TND News shall stand on the principle that all persons are equal before the law and should not be won over by any political, economic or other societal prejudices.
  • TND News shall not allow to be used for individual interests and gains, be it by a senior official, an ordinary aggrieved Ugandan or both. Our role shall be to investigate the matter and report with fairness.
  • TND News shall remain independent, fair and open to the public.



  • TND News shall be obliged to report news truthfully, accurately and fairly.
  • News shall be presented in context and in a balanced manner, without an intentional or negligent departure from the facts either by: Distortion, exaggeration or misrepresentation.
  • TND News shall not publish information obtained by untruthful or undue means, or the publication of which would involve a breach of public confidence, unless there is an overruling public interest.


  • TND News shall not publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted material. If such is done, an apology shall be made.
  • TND News shall task the responsible officer, or journalist to account for the inaccurate stories published. He or she will be given a chance to explain why such inaccurate story was sanctioned and run. This is an internal issue!


  • TND News shall make apology for publishing information or comment that is found to be destructively erroneous.
  • An apology shall be published within 24 hours.
  • A fair opportunity for reply to inaccuracies shall be given to an individual or organizations/companies as fitting.


  • TND News journalists and or staff shall not accept bribes from news sources or newsmakers or individuals or organizations.
  • Any gift received in the course of their duty must be declared to the Editor and other editorial staff.
  • TND News defines a bribe as: A pay made by a news source to have an inaccurate story or a story purposely meant to serve his or her interest run.


  • All TND News staff; Journalists including Freelancers are identified with Staff IDs they carry, business cards
  • Any person, a journalist attending a meeting, press conference should be able to posses or show at least one of the items above if required by the organizers of such event.


  • TND News and its parent organization GLCSMS shall own and have sole rights relating to intellectual property rights in the materials submitted and all copies thereof in whatever format.
  • TND News shall give credit to photos, articles and graphics from primary sources
  • TND News shall demand any media house or newspapers to credit her as a primary source for photos, articles or graphic such publication carries without recognizing it as a primary source.


  • TND News has an obligation to guard confidential sources of information. However, the Editor must be given all sources of information by all journalists. Any information from a confidential source must be supported by at least two authentic and independent sources.