Non-commissioned officers urged to maintaining UPDF success 

(Last Updated On: 20 April 2024)

Jinja | The Deputy Commander of Land Forces, Major General Francis Takirwa, on Thursday passed out of 614 soldiers the completion of the Instruction and Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course.

The soldiers got knowledge at the Noncommissioned Officers Academy (NCOA) in Gadaffi barracks, Jinja district.

Maj Gen Takirwa implored them to work hard and maintain the success of the UPDF.

“Failure should not be with you. The UPDF has been successful in various operations in Uganda and across the borders. Work hard for continuity in success to maintain the flag high,” Maj Gen Takirwa said.

Takirwa observed that improvement in the training methods would change the training environment in the UPDF, urging them to replicate the skills they acquired from training.

Brigadier General Alex Olupot, the Joint Staff – Training and Doctrine, underscored the significance of the course despite it being challenging.

Olupot emphasised that the course has produced skilled and capable human resources who will enhance the performance in training schools and ultimately strengthen the UPDF.

The Commandant NCOA, Col Saad Katemba, said the trainees were drawn from Kaweweta and Olilim Training Schools to be trained in Instructors Course Level III and Junior Non-Commissioned Officers Course.

Private Mugish Vincent emerged as the best overall trainee, while Private Biira Movias was best in parade drills, Private Esinga Thomas was best in Shooting range, and Private Amusugut Betty was best in Class.

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