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As Lango reawakens Akii Bua Stadium’s anger, here is what LPG’s Alyek has told tndNews

(Last Updated On: 13 April 2024)

Quick notes: 

  • Erute North MP Jonathan Odur had raised the issue of Akii Bua Stadium and challenged Sports Minister Peter Ogwang’s statement and promise when he took an Egyptian contractor to Lira. 
  • The Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon. Anita Among guided and raised LPG chairperson (Kole woman MP, Judith Alyek) to make a statement in regards. 
  • The issue of Akii Bua Stadium will always touch the people of Lango. 

In a video of the recent Parliamentary session which has now gone viral, Speaker Anita Among asked Erute South MP Jonathan Odur to substantiate if State Minister of Sports Peter Ogwang said the construction of Akii Bua Stadium would start in one week.

MP Odur rose and said: “Madam Speaker, usually when I speak I’m very serious and I can challenge Honorable Ogwang that if I table evidence, either you or me has to resign from this House. You went to Lira, it was covered in public. Even Members of Parliament of Lango were there. You were there with chairman LC5 and you took a contractor in quotes and you announced to the people of Lango that the contractor would start work one week’s time. It is now coming to three months.”

“Can I hear from the Chairperson *Lira..,” Speaker Among asks, but Minister Ogwang comes in swiftly, saying: “First of all, I have Honorable Tonny Ayoo whom I would request he comes here to confirm… [please, I am talking about Honorable Tonny Ayoo because he was there you were not there]. I want him to confirm what Honorable Odur is talking about.”

Speaker Among: “You are not going to start exchanging on the floor. Honorable Chairperson of Lango Parliamentary Group what was the statement?”

The LPG Chairperson stood up and started saying: “Thank you Rt. Hon. Speaker..” but her speech was interjected briefly by the Speaker who said, “Honorable Minister Ogwang, whatever we are doing we are trying to help you.”

Alyek resumes: “Thank you Rt. Hon. Speaker for giving me this opportunity to say something about the visit of the Minister of State for Education in-charge of Sports to Lira… It is true Honorable Ogwang went with an Egyptian contractor to Lira to handover the site…because when he went with the Egyptian contractor, he went to handover the site to the contractor. I wasn’t there but Honorable Ayoo was there representing Lango Parliamentary Group.

“The statement that Honorable Odur is saying about giving one week, for me, I wasn’t there, I did not hear about it and yes, he has to produce the evidence here. Rt. Hon. Speaker, but the issue is: Akii Bua Stadium must be constructed and we want it, we need it and it must host Afcon. That is what Honorable Ogwang said that Akii Bua Stadium would host Afcon.

“So when the construction is going to be started for me I don’t know but we are only waiting for the construction of Akii Bua to start. So I think we are still within the time Rt. Hon. Speaker…”

“We are not within the time, we are actually; maybe you are behind the news. We are not within the time, we are late for Afcon,” Speaker Among’s response to the LPG chairperson.

“Rt. Hon. Speaker, much obliged,” she replied.

Lango netizens angry

Alyek’s response seems to have angered a section of Lango people, with dozens of netizens since Friday calling her “a betrayer and not having Lango at heart”.

These netizens say Alyek, being the Chairperson of LPG, should have supported MP Odur’s position, but instead “sided with Minister Ogwang”.

After the government made a U-turn and said Akii Bua Stadium would be constructed to host Afcon2027, the anger in Lango plummeted and people commended the government for heeding their calls.

However, anger seems to want to return.

On Saturday, tndNews reached out to the LPG Chairperson to get her comments on her submission and reactions back home.

“Some say you should have defended MP Odur, or not have spoken at all?” the publication asks her.  

“Was picked by the Rt. Hon. Speaker and spoke the truth that I wasn’t around and didn’t attend the site handover of Akii Bua.

“Hon. Ayoo Tonny was there! The truth will always set us free,” she added.

Asked if a section of Lango people may have misconstrued her submission, Alyek said: “You may judge it from the submission I made because it is very clear.”

One thought on “As Lango reawakens Akii Bua Stadium’s anger, here is what LPG’s Alyek has told tndNews

  1. Come 2026 and we see
    If that is what we elected you for … Yd you knew you were not there why didn’t you tell the Hon speaker to allow Hon Ayo to speak???
    You only wanted to show yourself and speaking against your fellow Lango representative
    We shall meet come 2026

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