291, Lira City’s top Institute of Tourism and Management

In 2014, 291 Institute of Tourism and Management was established with the aim of producing a…

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Leb Lango

Wisdom High School takes action to promote Leb Lango 

Professor Dokotum, a long-time advocate for the Lango language, added, "Our Leb Lango is now crossing…

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15 schools to participate in the 2024 secondary school championship

Bosco Tiondi, a member of the Madi Debate Society, stated that the Society is pleased to…

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Education Cannot Wait announces US$5m grant in response to ‘Super El Niño’ floods in Somalia

The second phase will pilot a new anticipatory action framework for humanitarian response in Somalia if…

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500 vulnerable students will receive FAWE scholarships in 2024

FAWE and the MasterCard Foundation have sponsored 334 vulnerable students over the last seven years.

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Apac Seed

Apac Seed: government-donated computers idle due to inadequate power

Apac Seed Secondary School currently has 1,047 students, with 309 registered for S4 exams this year.

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Apac Seed BOG urged to offer diligent service

Paul Umboki, deputy CAO of the Apac district, advised the BOG to work for the school's…

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36 teachers benefit from a 4-day FICH-TaRL training workshop 

According to Patrick Ocen, director of Programmes at FICH, the workshop's goal was to provide teachers,…

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OPM rescues dilapidated schools in Serere

Annet Icumar, Serere District Education Officer, stated that many of the district's 98 primary schools have…

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MTN injects shs250 million to combat computer illiteracy in Katakwi 

In a message delivered by the Karenga District RDC, Alupo urged the MTN Uganda Foundation to…

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