Lango MPs speak following latest parliamentary committee changes

Linda Agnes Auma, a Lira district woman MP, has been appointed as the new chairperson of…

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Akii bua stadium

As Lango reawakens Akii Bua Stadium’s anger, here is what LPG’s Alyek has told tndNews

Debates surrounding the construction of Akii Bua Stadium to host Afcon in 2027 have irked Lango…

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‘Human rights on MP Sarah Aguti’s plan’

Sarah Aguti made her maiden speech on Wednesday shortly after she took oaths.

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LPG election: MP Lemba becomes Alyek’s deputy

LPG elected only one person with the rest going unopposed, the secretary general MP Opio Acuti…

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Hon. Cecilia Ogwal: burial for Jan. 27

The former Dokolo Woman MP, Cecilia Atim Ogwal will be laid to rest in Alito, Kole…

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SONA: Museveni, “Uganda’s economy is currently standing at US$49.4b”

"60 per cent of households have increased their incomes in the last financial year," Museveni says,…

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Jacob Oulanyah sets lasting footsteps in Uganda Parliament

Oulanyah died after serving as Speaker of the current 11th Parliament for only 9 months and…

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UPC’s former EALA hopefuls who lost the flag to Ebil bites party

“If UPC had sent a representative to EALA, then Akena would have achieved a lot.” “The…

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UPC’s reasons why Fred Ebil is fit for EALA

In 2014, he [Ebil] was part of a two member delegation from the said Committee that…

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MPs debate gross human rights violations now “at the roof”

A report by Amnesty International on 2021 human rights status in Uganda found that security forces…

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