About Us

tndNews was founded as The Northern Daily (TND) on 12 September 2012 to operate as a digital newspaper serving Northern Uganda, Uganda, and the globe. In April 2018, the publication changed to “tndNews” with the word “Uganda” sometimes used.

tndNews was founded with a core aim to bridge the gap created by the mainstream media (Newspapers and TVs), many of which were giving, or continue to give much attention to other areas, somewhat leaving Northern Uganda out of the spotlight, with fewer or no stories on their front pages and first five pages.

In 2018, the Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS), an independent media organization in Uganda took over the management of the publication with Milton Emmy Akwam, Founder of both entities working as Team Leader.

Since its official launch in April 2018, tndNews has worked with and mentored dozens of journalists, some of whom currently work in big media institutions and companies. The publication is proud to have at least two award-winning journalists working with it.

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and other agencies of the Government of Uganda regulate both GLCSMS and tndNews.

Our Vision 

To be the leading digital news hub for the region and the globe.

Our Mission 

To provide valuable and truthful content for societal growth.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Community Service
  • Accuracy
  • Zero Corruption
  • Mentorship

Key Personnel (Editorial & Operations)

  1. Milton Emmy Akwam, Managing Editor.
  2. Mark Taibot, Editor and Chief of Regional Correspondents.
  3. Isabella Awor, Correspondent, Lira City (Lango).
  4. Arao Denis, Correspondent, Lira City (Lango)
  5. Awor Christine, Editor and Chief of National Correspondents
  6. Hope Owiny Ochero, Correspondent, Karamoja sub-region.
  7. Okot Lil Romeo, Correspondent, Acholi sub-region.
  8. Nancy Atim, Correspondent based in Lira City
  9. Okello Jesus, Correspondent based in Gulu City
  10. Emmanuel Angoda, Technology Manager

Address and Locations

Office & Bureau: Agengi, Kampala-Gulu Road, Kamdini TC

Tel: +256392896661

Lira Bureau (to be opened soon): Plot 3, Bala Road

Mobile: +256700702961

Emails: newsroom@tndnewsuganda.com, tndnews2012@gmail.com