Muntu Seed’s strike: 26 students arrested as askari cheats death

(Last Updated On: 26 April 2024)

Amolatar | The askari at Muntu Seed Secondary School escaped death last night when senior one and three students went on strike.

Otom George, whose private house was demolished, said he was fortunate not to be inside when the strike began.

It all started when theft incidents increased at the school, prompting him to conduct a check-up, he told tndNews. 

During a routine check-up, he discovered Odongo Derrick, a senior student who had been suspended with immediate effect for theft was still loitering.

“Odongo was suspended from school on April 25, 2024, around 2 p.m. But when we were supervising prep, he was seen again in the dormitory, so we arrested him and took him to the headmaster,” he said.

However, Orebe Innocent of senior 3 later rallied his classmates to fight for the boy (Odongo).

Students soon began throwing stones everywhere, prompting the head teacher to call the police to calm the situation.

Ogangi Geoffrey is the headteacher. He stated that fourteen (14) students who were arrested are still being held at Amolatar Central Police Station.

He said the Board of Governors agreed to listen to the parents as long as they cooperated.

The school expects parents to pay for all property destroyed by their children.

The headteacher. Photo by Sarah Ejang.

Property destroyed included window glasses for classrooms, doors, and the headteacher’s office; beds in the boys’ dormitory; and cooking saucepans.

The askari’s house was among those destroyed.

One of the students, Opio Haggard, said the strike has had a negative impact on him because he was beaten by police while they  attempt to calm the storm.

“Theft was too common when Odongo Derrick and his friends felt victims,” he added.

By press time, tndNews had exclusively learned that an additional 12 students had been detained by the police. There are now a total of 26 students in custody.

Muntu Seed has over 750 students from senior one to six.

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  1. Students can’t open the strike for no reason but law is always against them without following and investigating exactly cause of incident

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