Dokolo: Dr Speciosa Kazibwe, late Cecilia’s friend, answers 3 questions  

(Last Updated On: 15 March 2024)

It is day three of intense campaigns by candidates nominated by the electoral commission for the Dokolo district woman MP by-election slated for March 21.

Political parties like UPC, NRM, FDC and NUP have fronted candidates including two others on independent tickets. Each is hopeful of replacing the Iron Lady – Cecilia Atim Ogwal.

Among the candidates in the race is Ogwal’s daughter, Dr Rosemary Alwoc Ogwal. She was endorsed by her family and given the flag by the FDC party in an attempt to occupy the Legislative seat.

Cecilia died of cancer aged 77 in India on January 18. After her death, she was positively eulogized by persons of different political colours.

To many, she was an “icon of democracy, champion for girls and women empowerment, and a political consultant”.

During her funeral on January 27, and days before, former Vice President of Uganda, Dr Speciosa Wandira Kazibwe spoke well of Ogwal. Kazibwe told mourners how close both of them were, promising to be closer to the widower and his children.

During a church service, Wandira said farewell to Cecilia in an African way. “…I cannot fail to bid farewell in this church, the African way…. The struggle for women’s emancipation continues.”

On Friday, March 15, tndNews asked Specisosa what kind of support she has offered to the deceased friend’s daughter in her political journey, and standing by some of her promises during the burial.

She replied: “I support her choice to enter politics. It is her right, like any other Ugandan.”

Asked what would be her message to the people of Dokolo ahead of the by-election, she offered a three-word answer: “Vote NRM Candidate.”

The last question was: “Do you think the NRM candidate has what it takes to pick from where the late Cecilia left? Is the seat too big for Dr Alwoc?”

In her response, Cecelia’s friend, Kazibwe, replied: “The same question can be asked of all the candidates. The voters will decide. I am not a voter in Dokolo.”

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