We should not ignore nature, city planning needs urgent attention 

Any delays may cause a lot of problems. Most of the pit latrines in the city are being washed away. 

What students should prioritize in term three 

As you may be aware, the government sponsors 4,000 students to study in public universities each year, 3,000 under national merit scheme.

Galogitho: Help save for us our saviour – Dr Anthony 

Dr Anthony, with glowing optimism, is looking ahead to the day that he will be doing surgeries on people as a way of giving back to society

Why did the President ignore Kyagulanyi in his address to the nation?

But now Kyagulanyi, during his countrywide political tours, ostensibly to open party branches, is preaching a new liberation: people’s liberation

Arach: Follow weather forecast report strictly

Uganda’s rainfall patterns have tremendously changed in recent years even if weather forecast indicate drops in certain months.

Enhance cotton growing – Arach Oyat 

Thereafter, changes in land use occurred in the cotton belt and the production of food crops like cassava, sweet potatoes, millet, sorghum, maize and beans took the lead.

Use FCAP model to improve parish development model

Currently, there are 20 FCAP communities in Terego district, and each group receives up to USD 8,000 (about UGX 30,000,000).

Why beans are key to accelerating a change to our food system

An ambitious campaign, Beans is How, which is supported by the SDG2 Advocacy Hub and the Good Food for All campaign, aims to double the global consumption of beans, as well as peas, lentils, and other pulses by 2028.

Violent robberies are on the rise in the country – Arach

Uganda has had violent robberies leading to the loss of lives in recent years.

Party dependence on membership shall guarantee their existence

Otto: The strength of a political party is in the resolve of their members.