Museveni speaks on Uganda’s airforce attack on ADF

In this part of the World, there is nowhere we cannot get them, if we coordinate with the Governments of the sister countries, Museveni on defeating ADF terrorists

Somali security forces urged to unite in fight against Al-Shabaab

Somali security forces are urged to use the presence of African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) forces to decisively defeat Al-Shabaab

We should not look at the growing insecurity casually – says UPC

On Wednesday, UPC said Uganda as a country has had its past that reflect a degree of insurgency. 

False FRAML alerts cost banks between $1m and $20m a year, depending on their size

One of the keys to driving down these costs without allowing FRAML to spiral further out of control is enabling real-time industry collaboration, says Clive Gungudoo, MoData’s Director of Financial Crimes and Risk Management.

Why telecommunication companies are victims of caller line identification spoofing fraud

Companies such as MTN and Airtel which own telecommunication networks on both sides of a common border to integrate their regional cellular coverage into a one-network roaming area and offer their international customers services at domestic rates. 

“Be proactive”: UPC tells NRM gov’t as fire outbreaks in schools continue 

UPC said on Wednesday that on several occasions several key socio-economic challenges have affected our country.

Ransomware remains a top cyber risk for businesses, but new threats emerging

Ransomware is forecast to cause $30bn in damages to organizations globally by 2023.

DRC’s Jules attends the 90th session of the interpol general assembly in India

In light of the DRC’s efforts in the last couple of years, more so through the IGF and Jules Alingete’s leadership, the country has effectively improved its outlook and implemented strategies and actions to combat corruption and embezzlement of public funds. 

Serere: Toddler, 14 others injured as MP Okupa’s mercury extraction condemned 

Harriet Nakamiya, the Resident District Commissioner of Serere said she received a letter talking about renovating the facility but she didn’t know when it was going to take place.

Details of ‘blocked petition’ to Parliament on migrant workers in UAE

This is the second petition petitioners say has been blocked by security forces from reaching Parlaiment.