Karenga residents assured of security following surge in crime

In 2021, the Principal Assistant Secretary of Karenga Omony was murdered in cold blood. Suspects were arrested but released under unclear circumstances.

Motorcycles impounded by traffic police in Arua City 

In 2022, according to the Annual Crime Report by the Uganda Police Force, boda bodas were involved in 43 per cent of all road crashes, leading to 1,422 deaths and 401 injuries. 

Why Pakwach RDC Paul Eseru met witch doctors 

Present meeting witch doctors were DRDC, Deputy DISO, District Crime Intelligence Officer, District CLO, Operative, and GISO Pakwach Town Council, among others.

Biyaya primary school grapples with high enrollment as it celebrates 90 years

Biyaya Primary school was established as a church foundation under church missionary society from England in 1933.

43 suspected “Owuwuk” gangsters arrested in Lira City

RCC Egole blamed the existence of Owuwuk on poor parenting as many of them are young boys between the age of 15-23.

Leaders worried about increasing cancer cases in Madi sub-region

According to the World Cancer Research Fund International report of 2020, there were an estimated 18.1 million cancer cases, 9.3 million cases were among men and 8.5 million among women.

CSOs ask gov’t to increase funding to combat gender based violence

John Teko, the MEAL officer at Straight Talk Foundation Karamoja, highlights fear as a significant deterrent in reporting Gender Based Violence cases, with 39% remaining unreported, even among the working class.

U.S fintech company, Grey, unveils new look to support its global expansion strategy

With a Money Service Business license from FINTRAC in Canada & FinCEN in the USA, Grey has made it possible for people to send money across borders quickly.

Inside Lira Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s MOU with TBN

I congratulate the new Board and hope for numerous opportunities that will strengthen the Chamber’s secretariat, membership and the economy of Lira City and Lango.

Aber Primary School @100 years: Dr Lamo Jimmy shares the history of Aber and school memories  

My grandfather, the late Mzee Yeremia Odyek, worked as a Lay reader in many places, including Aber Church (now St John Church of Uganda, Akaka Parish). The former and the latter is the foundation body of Aber Primary School.