ANAPI’s economic mission between DRC-Morocco underway in Casablanca

(Last Updated On: 28 February 2023)

The National Agency for Investment Promotion of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), ANAPI has organized from February 27 to March 07, 2023, an economic mission between DRC-Morocco. 

The event, taking place in Casablanca and Rabat, is in collaboration with the Embassy of the Democratic Republic of Congo in the Kingdom of Morocco, the Chamber of Commerce Morocco-Congolese and Affair DC, an economic network of Congolese professionals living in Morocco.

The mission’s objective is to boost a new phase of active economic exchanges between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Democratic Republic of Congo; to bring together institutions and business communities to realise the immense potential of economic cooperation between the two countries.

A particular focus will be put on the following priority sectors:

(1) Agriculture

(2) Infrastructure

(3) Energy

(4) Industry

(5) Agro-industry

(6) Health

(7) Training, etc.

The following are present alongside ANAPI in this economic mission: the provincial delegations of South- Ubangi and North-Ubangi led by their respective Governors, and the delegation of Mongala Province; the National Agency for the Development of Congolese Entrepreneurship (ANADEC). 

Others are the Agency for Special Economic Zones (AZES), the National Agency for Electrification and Energy Services (ANSER), the Federation of Enterprises of Congo (FEC); the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Central Kongo (CCIKC), and more than fifteen Congolese multi-sectoral economic operators active in the DRC and Morocco.

Anthony Nkinzo, Director General of ANAPI stressed that “the DRC is a land of opportunities, with a geostrategic position in the heart of Africa”. 

“Several reforms have been implemented to improve the business climate in the country and facilitate the business process in the DRC,” he added. 

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