Our Executives

tndNews is honoured to announce the addition of new directors who will head key departments of the media company. Founded as The Northern Daily (tnd) on September 12, 2012, the North’s First is continuing to strengthen its newsroom and commits to serving the communities with the most accurate, informative, balanced, and timely news.

As of February 1, 2023, Mr. Marko Taibot who has been in journalism for nearly two decades, working with prominent media houses in the country, has become the Director of Media Development and Collaborations (MDC). Before this role, he was the publication’s contributor.

Ms. Awor Christine is the Director of Innovations and Digital Growth (IDG). Christine has done journalism for nearly half a decade now and has been part of the publication’s newsroom for years.

Mr. Stephen Omara is the  Director and Executive Secretary (ES). Stephen is an accountant whose passion for journalism and media development is without a single doubt.

Mr. Milton Emmy Akwam is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Milton started his journalism career in early 2012. The passion later drove him to found what is now called tndNews.

The Directors’ other responsibilities can be found here.

The Directors’ full biographies will be published soon.