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Interview: Mugeni on Uganda Muslims’ ‘untimely protest against’ homosexuality

(Last Updated On: 25 February 2023)

Muslims across the country were directed to hold a peaceful protest against homosexuality on Friday, February 24, 2023.

In some parts of the country on Friday, images showed the directive was heeded.

According to Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), Muslim leaders were requested to have their sermons on the fight against homosexuality on radio stations, and television teaching to address the same. 

“Peaceful walks through towns with placards and every district Muslim representative (Khadi) to issue a press statement against homosexuality,” parts of the UMSC’s letter to Muslims (leaders) reads. 

Muslims have now joined Christians and their leaders to condemn the breeding of homosexual (LGBTQ) practices and dominance in Uganda. 

Why now, and why have they chosen to protest this time? TND News asks James William Mugeni, a Clinical Medical Officer and social commentator who responded with some blends of health and security perspectives

What is your take on this Muslim-LGBTQ protest?

We all know the Muslim community has severally been accused of aiding ADF. This is something we all have had empathy for them and now they are jumping on LGBTQ people. This is not correct.

Why is the timing of the protest unnecessary and wrong?

Why have they never staged a protest against the many clerics who got killed?

The Ugandan Muslim community should have demonstrated a long time ago after being accused of terror cells they allegedly run across the country. 

The latest in Butaleja and Iganga and they jump on homosexuality? The devil must be laughing somewhere in Uganda.

What should they take as significant now and let others express their rights?

Let them go to the Mosques and preach Islam. Their works as Muslims should speak not demonstrations otherwise they join their Christian brotherhood which seems to ordain sinners. It is the fruits and the fruits are now homosexuals.

Are homosexuals right to demand their rights? 

Sexual rights are individual and private. As a country, we have over-magnified it. We the medics,  as much as we are silent, advocate for safer sex defined “as sex” in which you know the status of your partner, and if unknown, then use a condom.

Our clients being heterosexual, and homosexual, name them all; our moralistic values are not imposed on anyone as healthcare providers.

Is homosexuality healthy? 

We in medicine don’t condone it but look at them as reproductive health clients and safer sex defined as sex with someone whose health status you know and if you don’t know it, use condoms. This is from a Godly health perspective.

Could you be reading God’s mind? 

If God still spares homosexuals, how much more must men he create imitate him?

In the recent past, demos were held for and against the same. Courtesy photo.

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