24 February 2024


North's First

Our Partners


For the last five years, TND News has had great working partnerships with different individuals, organizations, and companies across the world. These partnerships have seen the publication grow while our newsroom has remained independent and focused to date.

From Uganda to South Korea, Switzerland to Jordan, our partners continue to share the vision we have and to ensure we are on the global map as the best digital publication from northern Uganda, a region that faced rebellions and has left hundreds of thousands vulnerable to date.

Together with our partners, we are committed to providing quality, meaningful and informative content, including information about jobs and opportunities, peace events, agriculture; education, among others.

To be part of us, contact:

Director of Media Development and Collaborations,

Mr. Marko Taibot

Email: mtaibot@tndnewsuganda.com

Mobile: +256773247712


Chief Executive Officer,

Mr. Milton Emmy Akwam

Email: makwam@tndnewsuganda.com

Mobile: +256771556792

The above are our partners as of January 1, 2023 and excludes other partners, advertisers we currently have.