IWPG’s regional director, Cambodian branch manager talk peace at regular meeting

IWPG is a global female NGO registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Global Communications Agency (DGC).

IWPG holds international conference on ‘the role of women for sustainable peace’

IWPG Chairwoman Yoon, said, “We cannot be free from war without sustainable peace.”

Action, not just outrage in Uganda

Unfortunately, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has dug his heels in and said the nation will not yield to World Bank pressure.

130 Kenyan pupils participate in the IWPG 5th Int’l Loving Peace Art Competition

IWPG is a world-class female NGO registered with the UN Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) and the UN Global Communication Agency.

IWPG events: ‘Women of Unity – Light of the World’ held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

As a world-class women’s NGO, IWPG is registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Global Communications (DGC).

IWPG, “We will implement Art. 10 of DPCW and achieve the SDGs”

IWPG Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon made commemorative remarks during the event and said 2023 marks 10th anniversary of the DPCW agreement.

Lira: UCI opens admissions for July and August

UCI is Lango’s premium academic institution based in Lira City on Lira-Soroti road.

IWPG: Global Region 12 holds 4th commemoration of the International Women’s Day event

IWPG is actively carrying out DPCW support and urging activities, women’s peace education, women’s peace networks around the world, and peace culture dissemination projects.

IWPG co-hosts side events with South Sudan and Côte d’Ivoire at UN CSW67

On March 9, the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare of South Sudan signed an MOA with IWPG and agreed to support the DPCW and IWPG Peace Education.

Anita Johansen appointed new CEO of Probi

Anita holds a master’s degree in pharmacy and a PhD in pharmaceutical technology, both from the Danish University of Pharmaceutical Sciences (now University of Copenhagen) in Denmark.