Dr Erizali

Dr. Erizali Opio: “He was great, kind and honest” – children eulogise him

Dr. Erizali served as the national team's doctor while also working at Mulago National Hospital. This…

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Museveni expected to commission a shs40b regional cancer institute in Omoro 

The journey to establish the Northern Regional Cancer Centre began in 2017, when the UCI board…

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Dr Erizali Opio

Dr Erizali Opio: Former Uganda Cranes Doctor passes on aged 83

In February 1977, Dr Erizali Opio fled to exile in Kenya to escape from the Amin…

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Power crisis hits Northern Uganda regional cancer institute

Annually, 21,000 cancer patients die in Uganda.

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Combating TB and HIV co-infections in Teso remains a burden

Globally, Uganda is one of 30 countries with high rates of TB/HIV co-infection.

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Key signs you may have yellow fever

Yellow fever is a deadly disease, but preventable, according to the Ministry of Health.

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Tequila, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Tequila, the best alternative at your next party

Remember to sip Tequila responsibly and raise a glass to good health!

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MPs Aceng, Acon and the supported sick woman (top-left).

MPs Acon, Aceng contribute cash for woman with colon problem 

Otuke East MP Julius Acong has urged well-wishers to come and support the sick woman.

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Juba teaching hospital: lab technicians accused of selling blood at SSP50k per unit

Peter Ohure, a volunteer at NBB said daily the number of people turning up for voluntary…

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Dr Anthony

Exclusive: Dr Anthony Buhangamaiso speaks after his successful kidney transplant 

Life after transplant is okay and transplant is a definite treatment to the end state of…

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