Bitterness, extraordinary unity as Lango contemplates building Akii Bua Stadium their way 

Lira | The NRM government has informed Lango it’s not going to construct the proposed Akii Bua Olympic Stadium in Lira City ahead of Afcon 2027.

State Minister for Sports, Peter Ogwang said on Monday that the government is committed to building Akii Bua Olympic Stadium in “a phased manner”. 

Ogwang’s announcement has left Lango angry with many asking if Lango is ever on the NRM government’s agenda. 

Constructing Akii Bua OS in Lira City was one of the resolutions made during the Lango Conference in 2012. President Museveni attended that conference. 

Ahead of the 2016 general elections, Museveni pledged to have it constructed in memory of John Akii Bua, the county’s first gold medalist. 

Since 2016, the construction has stalled after the central government wired less than shs2m only for bush clearing, ground levelling, pavilion construction and labour. 

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A perimeter wall was later erected through generous donations by some Lango sons and daughters. 

For years, even the government’s gesture indicated that Akii Bua OS was in their plan. Lango, too, believed so. 

Soon after the CAF president announced that the Pamoja’s joint bid was awarded to host Afcon 2027, Lango became jubilant. 

However, the jubilation has ended after the November 13 announcement. 

What is next? 

On Tuesday, November 14, Lango Parliamentary Group will meet and come out with the position of Lango.

Their rescheduled meeting could determine options being discussed privately and publicly among bitter natives since the bad news was communicated. 

In another development, on Monday evening, a WhatsApp group was created to coordinate and find further options on the same. By 10 pm, same day, over 900 members (Lango) had joined, with everyone literally speaking one voice.

Among other things, the group is contemplating to start collecting money to build Akii Bua OS “Lango-lango”.

Will the decision to not construct Akii Bua OS for Afcon in 2027 affect NRM’s popularity in Lango? Check back shortly?

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