Eulogy: Requiesce in peace, loving sister Dr. Joy Kyeyune Kyazike

Being the humanitarian that she was, Dr. Joy had joined the drive to save Dr Anthony Buhangamaiso who needs a Kidney transplant and for whom a fundraiser is ongoing. 

We should not ignore nature, city planning needs urgent attention 

Any delays may cause a lot of problems. Most of the pit latrines in the city are being washed away. 

What students should prioritize in term three 

As you may be aware, the government sponsors 4,000 students to study in public universities each year, 3,000 under national merit scheme.

Galogitho: Help save for us our saviour – Dr Anthony 

Dr Anthony, with glowing optimism, is looking ahead to the day that he will be doing surgeries on people as a way of giving back to society

Uncertainty in the payments industry: A guide to NIST recommendations and post-quantum cryptography

As Valakas points out, one of the key challenges for the payments industry relates to product vendors and third-party risks.

Report: Payment card fraud losses worldwide exceeded $32 billion in 2021

In addition to the financial and reputational impact of fraud on merchants and issuers, there are also the costs associated with high levels of false declines.

Commonwealth Artificial Intelligence consortium to meet in NY to advance AI action plan  

The upcoming meeting will endorse a comprehensive AI action plan and will seek support from Champion Countries on the implementation of AI in four critical areas.

Why did the President ignore Kyagulanyi in his address to the nation?

But now Kyagulanyi, during his countrywide political tours, ostensibly to open party branches, is preaching a new liberation: people’s liberation

Action, not just outrage in Uganda

Unfortunately, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has dug his heels in and said the nation will not yield to World Bank pressure.

Commonwealth SG’s Innovation for Sustainable Development Awards entries open

This is the third biennial edition of the awards, with the previous ceremonies held in 2019 and 2021