AI and machine distribution – don’t fall for the hype 

Focus on areas where you can cut lead times by reduced time to execute repetitive tasks,…

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Corruption is criminal, immoral and  betrayal of public trust

Corruption remains a significant impediment to equitable development, exacerbating existing inequalities and further reducing people’s trust…

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As CSO, we laud government for the launch of the new population policy

The new Kenya Population Policy aligns with national and international development agendas, including Vision 2030, the…

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“Our Land, Our Future”: LEMU’s message for World Environment Day 

In many African societies - including in Uganda - land is not only a site of…

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Full statement from UPC ahead of Heroes Day 

The theme for this year's Heroes Day activity in Gomba District is "Hail our Heroes; A…

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The viewpoint: Patrick Ogwang Obura’s ten characteristics.

Ogwang Obura says will contest for Oyam South MP seat in 2026, again.

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Elenjical Solutions pioneers Murex’s MXopenconnect development framework

Elenjical Solutions is not just providing a service; we are offering a standout solution that will…

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African millionaires to rise by 65% in 2034 – report

The total investable wealth currently held on the African continent amounts to USD 2.5 trillion and…

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Kampala to host ITU’s global symposium for regulators 2024

ITU to lead discussion in Uganda on the future of global digital regulation.

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Uganda’s Mutuuzo attends IWPG global region 12 peace meeting 

IWPG has solidified its position as a leading global women's peace organisation by conducting solo events…

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