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LPG reschedules meeting after gov’t says Akii Bua Stadium won’t host Afcon

(Last Updated On: 13 November 2023)

Kampala I There is currently bitterness in Lango sub-region after the government said Akii Bua Olympic Stadium will be built in a phased manner and therefore will not be able to host the African Cup of Nation (Afcon) in 2027.

After the CAF president announced that Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania had won a joint bid to host the continent’s prestigious tournament, Lango became jubilant.

Many in the sub-region started becoming optimistic that finally, the construction of the long-awaited and pledged Akii Bua Olympic Stadium would start ahead of 2027.

But, unfortunately, Akii Bua was not a “priority” of the government. Instead, the government is committing to build it in “a pashed manner”.

Appearing on local radio stations in Lira City on Monday, State Minister for Sports, Peter Ogwang informed Lango of the government’s clear position.

His announcement has irked Lango, with dozens – including those subscribing to the NRM (party) government saying that President Museveni and his NRM candidates should be very well punished politically in 2026.

Last hope

As Lango hurt, some people are now banking their hopes on their political leaders, especially the Lango Parliamentary Group (LPG).

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At the level they are, LPG, some say, can task and pressure the government to reconsider its decision.

In his update to Lango, the Secretary General of LPG, Dr Samuel Opio Acuti (Kole North, MP) said, “… Monday’s meeting was rescheduled to tomorrow, Tuesday at 10 am at Parliament to allow some who couldn’t participate due to cabinet’s weekly Monday meeting to join us.”

“We shall inform the people of Lango after the meeting of the resolutions and way forward,” he added.

On Monday (Oct. 13), a WhatsApp group was created to coordinate Akii Bua Stadium construction saga. By 10 pm same day, over 900 members had joined, with nearly all speaking one voice.

The members (Lango) are proposing to start collecting money to build the stadium on their own.

One thought on “LPG reschedules meeting after gov’t says Akii Bua Stadium won’t host Afcon

  1. I’m not seeing any sense in collecting money because in the end, they will start complaining that their money has been eaten.
    Lango did a lot I supporting fufa drum program and if the government can not see that passion, then lango should just ignore supporting football in the country until Akiibua stadium is constructed.

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