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Amelo technical institute to start refrigerator and air-conditioning course

(Last Updated On: 30 October 2023)

Adjumani I Amelo Technical Institute of Adjumani has received equipment worth shs800 million to start a refrigeration and air-conditioning course. 

The equipment was donated by the Uganda government with support from the United Nations International Development (UNIDO) and the Uganda National Association of Refrigerators and Air-conditioning (UNARA)

Some of the equipment delivered includes vacuum pump valves, pre-filter for recovery units, cylinder refrigerant, and vacuum gauge field pieces, among others.

The senior environmental assessment officer and ozone officer from the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA), Isaac Mugabi noted that the state-of-the-art equipment was procured from Vienna and that they are environmentally friendly.

“The substance used in refrigerators when released into the atmosphere causes ozone depletion and global warming, but part of the tools procured have got detectors that detect the hydrocarbons. So as NEMA, we want to train the technicians so that they adopt the good refrigeration and air-conditioning practices that involve recovery, recovery, recycling and retrofitting,” said Mugabi.

“As NEMA, we have done a lot; we have rectified and domesticated the protocol and it is enshrined in the National Environmental Act of 2019 and National Environment Management of ozone depletion substance and regulation,” he added.

Mugabi cautioned the school administration and urged them to put the equipment to better use, revealing that Amelo is among the six institutions in Uganda that got the opportunity to get the equipment.

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“We want local technicians trained here locally instead of moving a long distance to get the services elsewhere.”

Deogracious Opolot is the deputy principal who was trained to be an instructor. He attested that the equipment provides an alternative means of addressing the climate change challenges.

“Through this training, we have come to realise that some of the refrigerators used are not recommended for use because of being dangerous to the environment,” Opolot said.

The principal of Amelo Technical Institute Patrick Ejong revealed that the course will be run at different levels: as a full course and also as skills training. It will run for three, six and 9 months, he said.

“Once the students finish, they will be assessed by UBTB, and we are prepared for the course,” Ejong told this publication.

Odu Paulo, the president of Uganda National Association of Refrigerators and Air Conditioning appealed to the management and students to embrace the course, describing it “as the way to go given the climate change crisis”.

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“Without refrigerators, immunization at hospitals cannot take place, but the training requires commitment,” he noted.

Richard Kaijuka is the LC5 vice chairperson of Adjumani who noted that the course is not only going to benefit the locals but will go a long way in benefiting part of South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo given the increasing number of refugees

“Our health facilities will no longer go to look for technicians outside the district, the chain box at all the facilities will now remain operational,” Kaikuka said.

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