Only 35 per cent of the government land in Lango is registered 

In Apac, only 5 per cent of the government land has land titles and the authorities have attributed the low coverage to inadequate funding in local governments.

Akokoro residents accuse NFA and want Maruzi forest boundaries opened

Apac Resident District Commissioner George Abdul, said, “I was wondering how a government entity in this case (NFA) could encroach into community land, it could be vice versa.

Corruption among area land committees escalating land wrangles in Acholi, Lango and Buganda

Christine Okot, chairperson of ESAFF Gulu noted that, in Acholi, most of the land conflicts are among siblings, communities and clan members.

Alim Dut, 19yo refugee and mother of one, turns to advocacy in Adjumani 

Alim Dut came to Uganda when she was in primary three and said life was very hard because they reached when learners were already in the third term.

Over 1,500 refugees and hosts reap big from irrigation projects in Adjumani

In line with Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) objectives, resilience and self-reliance are therefore promoted.

Refugee youths tipped on fact checking, art of public speaking and media laws

Eunice Achan is a refugee youth in Pagirinya Refugee settlement. She attested that the training will help her as a young woman to also change many other girls in the refugee settlement.

Lango to adopt self-financing model in customary land registration

Article 27 of the Land Act of 1998 says any decision taken in respect of land held under customary tenure, whether in respect of land held individually or communally, shall be in accordance with the customs..

Lango cultural leaders want wetlands protected

In Dokolo district, the district natural resource officer Rajab Epilla says the 750 square kilometers is covered with wetlands (35%) out of the 1780 square Kilometers of the district.

Africa suffers disproportionately from climate change

Projected annual food imports by African countries are expected to increase by about a factor of three, from US$ 35 billion to US$ 110 billion by 2025.

Apac residents call for pro-poor land act

In 2021, Land Awareness Week moved to Central Uganda, Kigezi region hosted it in 2022 and now Lango sub-region.