IWPG Global Region 12 completes Women’s Peace Lecturer Training Education 

IWPG’ Global Region 12 on December 21 signed cooperation agreements with TND News and a Kenyan NGO.

Regional Director Mi Hyeon Yeo: “The spread of peace values of reconciliation and coexistence is more urgent than anything else.”

The International Women’s Peace Group, Global Region 12 (IWPG, Regional Director Mi-Hyeon Yeo) held a completion ceremony for the “Women’s Peace Lecturer Training Education” online. 

The completion ceremony was attended by three graduates who completed training for women’s peace training Education this year, Cambodia’s branch Director, and about ten employees, including employees from global Region 12.

Women’s peace education, one of the core projects of the IWPG, allows women to learn the spirit of peace and practice peace. 

Among them, Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE) is designed to have the qualities and capabilities of professional instructors and to instil awareness of the need for peace so that 3.9 billion women in the global community can become one with peace.

Regional Director Mi Hyeon Yeo said, “Peace does not happen on its own” and “we 3.9 billion women should coexist, communicate, and achieve it together as one.”


At the completion ceremony, Drusilla Josephine Kerubo Kuindwa of Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children (KAAC, member) and Kesia Nundu Dibo of Nairobi Expressway, (Ticket Manager) received certificates.

For Dibo, it was an instructor certificate, while Ex Sophanna, Executive Director of Christina Salon Beauty and school, received a certificate.

2022 PLTE ceremony commemorative photo

IWPG is an international NGO registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC and has actively supported and urged women’s peace education, peace international law (‘DPCW’) and plant peace projects with the vision of inheriting the world of peace to future generations

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