South Korea: TND News, Lend A Voice Africa sign cooperation agreement with IWPG

(Last Updated On: 24 December 2022)

The long-term agreement between the two East African parties with IWPG’s Global Region 12 is to exchange cooperation in various projects and activities for the realization of global peace.

The International Women’s Peace Group, Global Region 12 (IWPG, Regional Director Mi-Hyeon Yeo) held a meeting on December 21 with Lend A Voice Africa (CEO, Maureen Atieno Magak), a Kenyan women’s organization and TND News (CEO, Milton Emmy Akwam), a Ugandan media company. 

As a result, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) was signed to establish a beneficial cooperative relationship to realize and promote peace projects online.

Regional Director Mi Hyeon Yeo said, “It is very sad that people are suffering from war and conflict, and a world of peace, not war, must be realized.” “Thank you for being able to do it,” she added.

“On behalf of our organization, Lend A Voice Africa, I am pleased to sign this MOA today, which marks the beginning of our collaboration with IWPG to strengthen advocacy for peace in our community,” said Maureen.


She added: “We look forward to transforming our communities with peace and love that bring peace and end violence.”

“The signing of the MOA is a milestone and a powerful force in promoting and advocating for peace-related activities around the world,” said TND News’ CEO, Milton Emmy Akwam.

“We thank IWPG for trusting the media coverage we provided over the years,” added  Akwam.

tnd news
MOA signing confirmation photo. Left is Uganda’s Akwam and Kenya’s Maureen display signed documents.

Meanwhile, IWPG is an international NGO registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC) and the United Nations Office for Global Communications (UNDGC). 

By Shopia Yeum 

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