IWPG events: ‘Women of Unity – Light of the World’ held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


  • On June 20, 2023, ‘Women of Unity – Light of the World’ was held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Two days later, on June 22, the IWPG Peace Monument Unveiling Ceremony was held at the public park in the Bayanzurkh district.

Seoul, June 29, 2023: IWPG is a women’s peace organization that transcends borders, religions, races and politics with women all over the world.

 The Group continues to hold crucial meetings and conferences geared towards the realization of global peace and putting women at the center of its activities.

Last week, Global 9 Region of the International Women’s Peace Group IWPG Global Region Director Mi-sook Lim held a pre-meeting on June 20, 2023 at a hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Bude Munkhtuya, the former member of the National Assembly Security Committee and the National Assembly of Mongolia and about 10 public personalities attended the meeting.

The event was held on the theme of ‘Mutual Cooperation Plan for Women’s Peace and Cultural Activities in Mongolia’ and later in celebration of the ‘Women’s Union Light of Peace Assembly’, about 300 people attended.

The advisory committee appointment ceremony later took place with the signing of MOA/MOU with 9 organizations, and appointment letters were awarded to 14 IWPG peace committee members.

In addition, events such as the completion ceremony for 3 female peace lecturers (PLTE) and the appointment ceremony for 12 PLTE lecturers were held.

Under the theme ‘Women’s Cooperation for the Implementation of Sustainable Peace’, the event was set up to share the results of peace activities with women around the world and present a blueprint for institutionalizing peace.

Afterwards a map of Mongolia was made into a jigsaw puzzle in the sense of pledge to spread peace activities in the Mongolian region and the peace committee representatives signed together to complete the puzzle, and talking freely with the peace committee representatives in a meeting.

On June 22, an IWPG Peace Monument Unveiling Ceremony was held at a public park in Bayanzurkh District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. The inscription on the monument reads, “Until a world of peace is settled, IWPG and women around the world will support and urge the ‘Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War’ (DPCW), is the answer to peace, that we will work with all our heart and soul, such as spreading a culture of peace and educating women for peace.”


As it has been designated as the ‘Visit Mongolia Year’ by 2025, it will serve as an opportunity to introduce IWPG not only to Ulaanbaatar citizens, and residents of Bayanzurkh Distric, but also foreign tourists.

As a world-class women’s NGO, IWPG is registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Global Communications (DGC), it is headquartered in Korea and is active with about 110 branches and 550 cooperative organizations around the world.

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