Ichuli, Macodwogo murders speak to the deeper problem we are facing – LOP Mpuuga  

Last Updated on: 7th May 2023, 11:23 am

Kampala, May 7, 2023: In less than a week, Uganda has lost two prominent people through assassinations by gun.

On May 2, State Minister for Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Col. (Rtd) Okello Engola Macodwogo was assassinated by his bodyguard, Private Wilson Sabiiti.

The bodyguard later killed himself, according to the security reports. Soon after Engola’s assassination, mixed reactions flooded different social media platforms. Sadly, some Ugandans decided to celebrate, commending the slain bodyguard for “doing it.”

However, one person, Tusubilwa Ibrahim, also known as Isma Olaxes attracted more public attention when he, using Tiktok, made a video of himself, celebrating Okello’s death.

Unfortunately, on May 6, Olaxes, widely known as Jajja Ichuli, was gunned down by yet to be identified assassin.

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On Sunday, the Leader of the Opposition in the 11th Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga joined the rest of Ichuli’s family, friends and sympathizers in mourning him.

Mpuuga had this to say: “The killing of Isma Olaxes aka Jajja Ichuli, and last week’s assassination of Col Charles Engola speaks to the deeper problem we are facing as a country.”

“After the 2017 – 2018, mysterious killing of civilians in Masaka, Nansana, and Entebbe plus Muslim clerics and some prominent political leaders like the late Ibrahim Abiriga, the tired Gen Museveni assured the country that the solution to this insecurity was in installing security cameras in townships and highways.”


He added that more than shs 376bn was forked out for the purpose but the killings did not stop, and no killers have been found – including those who were on a police truck that knocked dead Ritah Nabukenya at Nakawa.

The police have asked for another shs 187bn to buy more cameras whose purpose is evidently to go after opposition politicians and supporters, he added.

The ADF storyline that was used in the previous killings can no longer hold because Museveni and his spinners told us that they (ADF) were no more.

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