The sudden barbaric murder of Col. Okello Engola Macodwogo and what we don’t know

(Last Updated On: 4 May 2023)

Kampala, May 4, 2023: First I wish to condemn in the strongest terms the barbaric and primitive circumstances of the cold blood murder of Okello Engola Macodwogo. 

The murder of Okello shows that no one is safe in Uganda except the family of Gen. Yoweri Museveni who enjoys special security protection. 

The rest of Ugandans are at risk of being killed or assassinated at any moment. Therefore, this murder is an eye-opener for senior army officers and government officials to take care of their security as opposed to relying on security escorts given by the government.

It’s becoming a threat to those enjoying the luxury and looted wealth of the NRA/M especially when you possess a military background, holding a high position in government: you stand a high risk of losing life under mysterious circumstances.

The barbaric killing of Okello Engola sends a very clear message to those serving the NRA government to take stock of the enmity built within the populace who seem to envy top government officials “eating” at their own expense. 

The NRM government should never ignore the alarm warning made soundly by Private Wilson Sabiiti, because the majority of the regular civil servants are walloping in poverty, pain and depression while their superiors are swinging in riches and pomp out loot from public coffers.

It’s known that traditional civil servants in Uganda: the teachers, prison warders, police, medical workers, etc, are paid peanut and subjected to very heavy work under terrible working conditions in terms of housing, education, feeding and health of their families and yet their bosses are now keeping huge amounts of stolen monies in bunkers built at homes.


Whereas I am suspicious of the motive behind the killing of Okello Engola following records of the similar killing of Abiriga, Paul Lokech, Jacob Oulanyah, Felix Kaweesi, Oketta, Muhamad Kirumira and attempted murder of Katumba Wamala, Okello Makmot, etc, either through the gun or suspected poisoning, it may appear as if there is something very dirty and fishy within the NRA/M government which is suspected to be related to a popular project.  

Government must this time conduct a forensic investigation about the murder of Col. Okello Engola and present the report not the pretence with which the President orders investigations and nothing is done, making everyone suspicious that the government may be hiding something from the public. 

As people of Oyam whom Okello is our brother and father, we want to see facts about his murder.

Col. Engola enters the list of Lango celebrated war Heroes for his outstanding performance in protecting Lango and defending the region from the invasion of the LRA rebels and the NRA of Yoweri Museveni.

Ishaa Otto Amiza, former MP, Oyam County South/political activist.

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