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Why Madi Paramount Chief Drani Stephen Izakare was detained for 6 hours

(Last Updated On: 18 April 2023)

Adjumani, April 17, 2023: The cultural (Paramount) Chief of the Madi His Royal Highness Stephen Drani of Madi was Sunday detained for hours at Adjumani Central police station on allegations of torture and rape before he was released on police bond.

On Sunday, April 16, 2023, Police grilled Izakare for over six hours after he was implicated in the torture of two women who are currently getting treatment at Adjumani general hospital and 11 others following Uganda Peoples Defense Force (UPDF) operations in Ngoro West settlement area of Zoka.

Mr. Dragudu Ignatius, Regional Community Liaison officer for the North West Nile Region and the Police public relations officer (PRO) of North West Nile confirmed that the Paramount Chief Drani Stephen Kongoro indeed responded to police summons following a complaint of torture that was registered against him at Adjumani central police station on April 12, 2023.

Dragudu Ignatius said, “The police have already preferred four charges against Chief Drani Stephen Izakare that include; attempted murder, rape, and assault, and once that file is complete it will be forwarded to DPP for advice.”

chief drani
Dragudu Ignatitious speaking to the community and cultural leaders. Photo by Marko Taibot/TND News.

The police however released Chief Drani Stephen Izakare on police bond after he produced substantial sureties. He has been instructed to report to the Police on April 19, 2023.

Two women who are ailing in Adjumani hospital with broken limbs have accused Major Trevor, the UPDF commander in Zoka garrison of torturing them during an operation to avert escalation of violence, accusing a section of the Madi community of allegedly burning down the houses of their neighboring Acholi community.

Chief Drani Stephen Izakare, according to the victims was present in the torture camp on April 11, 2023, as the UPDF dehumanized them and did nothing to rescue the situation.

The community in the Ngoro Settlement area led by their leader Mr. Angu James has accused Chief Drani Stephen Izakare and Major Trevor of connivance to illegally evict them out of the land using the excuse of the conflict with the Acholi community which is not true.

When contacted, Chief Drani Stephen Izakare who is also the spokesperson for the Forum of African Traditional Authorities dismissed that allegation levied on him, saying he has not tortured anyone.

Drani said when he was summoned by police; he was told that he was accused of a murder case which he rubbished, saying “It is not correct”.

“I cannot engage in murder yet it is in my interest to protect my subjects against such issues, I went to Ngoro village after receiving a notice about the burnt houses,” Drani said.

President Yoweri Museveni last year 2022 facilitated the heads of cultural institutions of Madi and Acholi to the tune of shs 100m for peace dialogue in the volatile Apaa area.

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