‘I’m in Oyam until every vote for my candidate will be counted,’ Akena signals ‘vote rigging team’

Oyam, June 30, 2023: Candidates vying for the vacant Oyam North MP seat have up to July 4 for campaigns before crucial voting on July 6, 2023.

Four political parties – NRM, UPC, FDC and NUP are all expecting their candidate to win the Parliamentary seat left by Col Rtd Okello Engola Macodowogo.

This particular MP by-election is expected to make history in the politics of Lango. Speaking on condition of anonymity recently, a political analyst based in Lira says it will be “full of chaotic scenes, vote rigging and intimidation of journalists and opposition agents”.

“NRM wants to retain this County and UPC is getting too powerful. You might have heard the messages he (Akena) is telling party supporters and the constituents at large. The same with what FDC and NUP are saying. This is a massive by-election and all have high stakes,” he added.


This political analyst claims that “it will be hard for journalists and media on voting day to have access to some of the critical reports and venues”. “Maximum restrictions expected.”

On Thursday, the Abok sub-county LC3 chairman Philips Ogile Jakayo spoke to TND News after he was accused of masterminding an assault on a Shine FM reporter Oceng Simon on June 27.

Also, the Oyam NRM publicity secretary, Ogile warned journalists from being political – describing Oceng as “a UPC reporter who annoyed his (NRM) members” the day of the alleged assault.

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“You know, this is a by-election and journalists need to be cautioned and you know some are so political,” Ogile said.

Akena vows to protect UPC votes

Campaigning for Dr Apio Eunice Otuko on Thursday at Acut parish, Ngai sub-county, Akena said,First of all, I’m here in Oyam. I will be here until the final vote is cast and I will make sure that every vote that has been cast for my candidate will be counted.

“2026 is loading. We are in the process of preparing for 2026. As UPC we are also preparing for 2026 and Jimmy Akena is also preparing for 2026.

“I will warn you, the road is not easy. All of us must be ready to see it through up to the end. We must work together to succeed to have a Uganda we want and I am very ready for anybody who can come,” added Akena.

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