Kajjansi aircraft crash, Police speaks as pilot “rendered unconscious”

Last Updated on: 13th May 2023, 08:50 am

Kampala, May 13, 2023: On Friday at approximately 07:14 am, a Bar aviation aircraft with flight registration No. 5X-RBR was en route from Kajjansi to Kisoro, via Mbarara and Kihihi. 

The Kampala Metropolitan Deputy PRO ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, in a statement on Saturday, said the aircraft was carrying a total of 14 passengers to Kisoro.

“The flight successfully reached its destination and returned to Kajjansi. Subsequently, the same aircraft, operated by two pilots, Lt Dagalious Owino and Joel Kanguli, prepared for a flight from Kajjansi to Mweya-Kasese, with the intention of transporting passengers back to Entebbe International Airport.

“Unfortunately, shortly after takeoff from Kajjansi Airfield at approximately 12:19 PM, the aircraft experienced difficulties and attempted to return for landing. Tragically, the aircraft crashed at Kajjansi Airfield, in close proximity to MAF Hangars,” said ASP Luke. 

During the incident, he added the co-pilot sustained an injury to the right hand, while the pilot was rendered unconscious. 

“Prompt action was taken by the airfield workers, who swiftly rescued the pilots from the wreckage and provided immediate first aid.

“Emergency services were contacted, and an ambulance from Memorial Hospital was dispatched to transport the injured individuals to Memorial Hospital Lubowa for further medical attention.


The cause of the aircraft crash, he said, is yet to be determined, and investigations are underway, revealing that a team from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  arrived at the scene to inspect the aircraft, and an additional group from the Ministry of Works and Transport also arrived to assess the situation.

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