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Bishop of Lira Catholic Diocese speaks out on corrupt public officials

Grand or small, corruption is eating up Uganda. Almost 61 years old, Uganda is facing an uphill task to deal with corrupt leaders at different levels.

Undoubtedly, for one to be served in public or private offices, he or she to be served must serve first.

According to available descriptions, elite corruption in Uganda, for example, is through “a patronage system which has been aggravated by foreign aid”.

Since independence, the 60-year-old country has received a large number of funds and resources from the West. Coming in “millions of pounds and dollars”, aids has lured many public officials to “eat it” while the most vulnerable wallow.

As a result, every sector of the government, including the population is limping. Karamoja sub-region is a good example as their iron sheets have been shared by top-notch government officers.

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According to the Inspector General of Government’s latest report, Uganda loses shs9.144 trillion annually to corruption in both government and private institutions. Every hour, according to the same report, shs1 million is lost to corruption.

With this vice not expected to end soon amid government institutions created to handle it, the Bishop of Lira Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev. Sanctus Lino Wanok has shared his concerns in an interview with TND News.

The Bishop talked to the publication’s correspondent based in Gulu City, Lil Romeo Okot last week. “Public funds in Uganda have become individual development,” Bishop Wanok said, “citing some government workers who earn only shs3 million and below”.

“They are looting public funds…however, you find he or she will build up big houses leaving the local community to suffer,” he added.

“When the system of corruption does not fit you, they will reject you for jobs,” Bishop Lino concluded.

Bishop Lino had earlier attended the 2nd graduation ceremony of the University of The Sacred Heart Gulu, a Catholic-church-founded institution where he is the Chairman of the University Governing Council.

By Milton Emmy Akwam & Okot Lil Romeo

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