24 February 2024


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Key promises as motocross star Wilkinson Okae is buried

Thomas Wilkinson Okae was a renowned biker, kick boxer and golfer. His burial was also witnessed by golfers, bikers and died at 58 years.

Mourners - some relatives lay wreath on his casket.

Last Updated on: 24th December 2022, 08:22 pm

Even after being laid to his resting place on Friday, Lango still continues to mourn Wilkinson Okae.  Okae died on December 16 while training at Akii Bua memorial stadium in Lira City East division.

Had he lived, he would participate in the competitions a day after – December 17, 2022.

On Thursday, he was laid to rest. One of the prominent mourners at his burial was the Uganda People Congress (UPC) party president and Lira City East MP, Jimmy Akena.

Akena vowed to pursue the dreams of the late Thomas Wilkinson Okae, telling mourners he will bring the national motocross race to Lira.

Okae, who died aged 58, was buried at Ujamaa Cell, Adyel Ward in Lira City West.

Akena, also the president of Uganda motocross club said Okae has been very supportive to the party and his death has left a big gap. “With the dreams Okae had that Lango should be put on the map in the line of “

He (Okae) loved motorcycles and knew the risks associated with racing but death is inevitable, added Akena, who urged people not to fear motorcycles.

“When we are to have a competition it will be in Okae`s name such that his name continues and since he had also been on the forefront of seeking to have a truck in Lira,” this, Akena promised to do what he can to get it done.

“Hope is not going to die, we are going to keep that spirit and hope alive, to make sure his motocross dream does not end. It’s very unfortunate we have lost a brother and a friend but it does not end here.”

According to Mike Ogwang Olwa Veve, the former acting mayor for Lira city council and at the same time a substantive mayor of Lira municipal council, and a close friend to late Okae, he (the deceased) has been a very good friend.

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“While I was still the mayor, I went to him and requested for a land title for the golf course which he granted.”

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Olwa applauded everyone who showed up for Okae until the burial date and urged them to continue showing the same to his son.

The former mayor asked the leadership of Lira city council to name a road or building after Okae to keep his name alive.

Sam Atul, the mayor of Lira city council said a tournament will be organized in 2023 in memory of Okae. He also said a councilor representing Okae’s area should request for a road in his area to be named after him.

Emmy Okwany is the deceased’s only son. While delivering his father’s message, he cautioned Lango against segregation and undermining and asked Lango to promote unity in order to achieve better dreams.

He also said people should not be rigid with knowledge; “we should be able to pass it on to the next generation such that the legacy continues.”

Father Joseph Ogwal is the Chaplain of Lira government prisons who led the funeral service. He applauded people who tried to save Okae from death. “It’s a good thing,” he added.

He called upon Christians to share God’s love with one another and refrain from hatred and jealousy.

Thomas Wilkinson Okae was a renowned biker, kick boxer and golfer. His burial was also witnessed by golfers, bikers, and some Members of Parliament like Auma Linda Agness (Lira District Woman MP), Julius Acon Bua (Otuke County).

Former MPs who attended were Joy Atim Ongom and Silvia Akello.

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