Voting open for TND News’ Persons of the Year, 2022

(Last Updated On: 24 December 2022)

The Management of TND News, founded as “The Northern Daily” (TND) in September 2012 invites the public, especially active social media users to choose the publication’s persons of the year, 2022.

All the nominees are known individuals, each of whom has contributed to the development of the Lango and Acholi sub-regions.

Politically, socially and in leadership, they have been active and we do share views with some people we have interacted with on the same.

As a publication, we take no part in the voting processes; our views are silent and the public (netizens) are voting. Going forward, our task will be to organize and declare the winners to the public.

Further, other nominees are men and women who have offered their time to defend and protect human rights and pursue legal actions.

Category 1: Lango Person.

Nominees: Emma Young (comedian), Otto I. Amiza (Civil activist), Ojok Okello (ED, Okere City) and Allan Okello (Footballer, Lango Province and KCCA FC). Click here to vote.

Category 2: Politician.

Nominees: Dr Jane Ruth Aceng (Lira City Woman MP), Dr Samuel Opio Acuti (MP, Kole North), Betty Aol Ochan (Gulu City Woman MP) and Martin Ojara Mapenduzi (MP, Bardege-Layibi). Click here to vote.

Category 3: CEO and Mentor.

Nominees: Morris Chris Ongom (CEO and Mentor, GLOFORD), Ojok Okello (ED and Mentor, Okere City) and James Okii (Sankofa Café and Training Centre). Click here to vote.

Category 4: Rights Defender and Activist.

Nominees: Jane Frances Oling (ED, Women in Development), Alwoch Jennifer (community activist and defender) and Awor Shara Angweri (workers councillor, Lira city and community activist). Click here to vote.

Voting closes on Monday, December 26. 

Winners to be announced on December 26, 5 pm

Issuance of Certificates to winners on December 31, 12 pm

Why is this relevant?

As a community digital publication, one of our obligations for the next couple of decades is to let the communities in the areas and regions where we originated from know the relevance of the people among them; the hard work those they chose to lead are doing. Also, our role is to identify and popularize the young and ambitious people in the public to shine.

What do we give?

For this year, winners will be recognized with Certificates. 

TND News pledges a transparent voting process and will announce winners as voted by the public. Where we feel wrongly judged, we will correct it and be better in the next years.

TND News, a newspaper brand of Great Lakes Centre for Strategic Media Studies (GLCSMS) is regulated by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

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