Karamojong invaders: MP Aber urges security to respond to issues

Karamoja sub-region has been insecure for visitors and its natives for years besides the government’s move to disarm those with guns. 


By Our Reporter


Kitgum – Sept. 14, 2022: Dozens of Karamojong natives have invaded parts of Acholi and Lango sub-regions in search of green pastures for the livestock. Others have brought themselves to the mentioned sub-regions because of acute famine in their districts.  


Agago, Kitgum and Otuke districts are some of the districts invaded by the neighbours from the North East in recent months albeit their arrivals are always predetermined.


In Kitgum district, although their numbers could not be ascertained by press time, it seems even if they are few, the district Woman Member of Parliament, Lillian Aber is concerned.

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Aber, in a Tweet on Wednesday, wrote: “I urge security personnel to be more vigilant and steadfast in responding to the issues of alleged Karamojong invaders.”


She added that “we need to hear the cries of the locals esp. women who can’t farm nor do business because of fear & insecurity.”


“Let us work together to end this once and for all,” she concluded.


Last month, Agago reported at least two murder cases in which Karamojong rustlers or invaders were alleged to have committed.

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