IWPG’s ‘4th World Women Leaders’ Peace Conference’ held online

Starting with the IWPG promotional video, the meeting introduced the four major projects of IWPG.

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  • The conference was convened by IWPG Jeonbuk Branch under the theme: ‘Women’s Cooperation and Roles for the Implementation of Peace.’
  • Participants led in the work of female leaders for human peace.

Seoul, SK – September 4, 2022: The Jeonbuk Branch of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) under the leadership of the branch head Mi-hyeon Yeo held the ‘4th World Women Leaders Peace Conference’ online on the 30th as a coalition of four branches in Jeonju, Iksan, Gunsan, and Jeongeup.

The event was held under the theme of ‘Women’s Cooperation and Roles for the Implementation of Peace in the presence of about 50 female leaders, including Lee Kyung-hee, Chairman of the Climate and Environmental Change Central Committee, Du Eun-hee, KDB Life Insurance Branch Manager, and Si Seong-ae, Kang Sansori Arts Group Director.

Starting with the IWPG promotional video, the meeting introduced the four major projects of IWPG: (i) support and urging of the ‘Declaration of Peace on the End of War in the Global Village (DPCW) (ii) Women’s Peace Education (iii) Peace Culture Propagation Project, and (iv) Korean Peninsula Unification Project. It was a time of realization once again of the importance of supporting and urging DPCW Article 10, Paragraph 38, which is a practical law and system, to create a world without peace.

 In a speech, Lee Kyung-hee, chairman of the Climate Policy Research Committee, said, “We have never experienced a war, but we know how miserable and cruel war is. Even at this time, the war between Russia and Ukraine has been going on for six months, and it has caused tremendous loss of life and property. “War and violence that cost people’s lives for any cause are unacceptable, and the biggest victims of war are our women and my children.”


Doo Eun-hee, a branch manager of KDB Life Insurance, who participated in the panel, said, “Because we are women, we need to shout more for peace. Now is the time to show the great power of a mother to protect her family and her children with the motherhood that only women have.”

In a reality where the presence of female leaders is increasing day by day, she said women’s cooperation and role are important to create a world of peace without war. What women leaders can do is join and lead the work for peace for mankind, adding, “Let’s all become leaders and show the power of cooperation to pass on the world of peace without wars to future generations.” 

Si Seong-ae, head of the Gangsan Sori Arts Center, said, “As an artist, I am delivering joy and happiness to people through music. I thought peace was vague and difficult, but as I learned about and experienced peace at IWPG, I realized that the work of peace is not so difficult and that the work of peace begins when we work together on small things. I am sure that peace will surely come if we work together,” he said.

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Yeo Mi-hyeon, head of the branch, said, “As we hold the 4th World Women Leaders Peace Conference this year, although the reality is that we have no choice but to proceed online due to the covid-19, as the number of times increases, women’s interest in and participation in peace seems to increase.” 

“It is heavily influenced by the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Let’s become proud mothers, wonderful women, and peace activists who leave a happy and beautiful world to our children by discussing and implementing women’s cooperation and concrete action plans for peace implementation as the topic of the conference.”

 IWPG is a global women’s NGO registered with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Global Communications Agency (DGC). It is actively carrying out activities to support and urge DPCW, women’s peace education, women’s peace networks around the world, and projects to spread peace culture.

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