Firearms, demo won’t remove Gen. Museveni from power – Col. Besigye

Last Updated on: 27th November 2021, 08:35 am

By Acipa Doreen

Lira—27, November 2021: The People’s Front for Transition (PFT) national chairperson Col. Rtd Dr. Kizza Besigye said transition of government will never come through elections. Besigye adds that the citizens can bring the change the country needs.

Besiyge said this while launching the PFT Friday at Farm View Hotel, Boroboro, in Lira City East Division.

“Mr. Museveni will never be removed from power through elections,” he said, citing examples that since Ugandans started voting for over 36 years, there has been no change in the government.

Besigye said that is why he has come out to call all Ugandans to join hands and remove the “firearm leadership” and the “leadership comes back in the hands of the citizens”.

The four time presidential candidate said we can mobilize citizens “not to sell their products [goods] because Uganda has no food stores for handling disaster preparedness, awareness.”


That means, he said, “When there is no products in the market within the period of two weeks there will be change.”

According to former Gen. Museveni’s aide, Besigye, government transition does not need “firearms or street demonstration” but needs “citizens togetherness” because if not, in a few times to come, Uganda will not be in the hands of its citizens.

The vice chairperson PFT for Northern Uganda, Isaah Otto Amiza urged Lango to rise up and join the rest in changing the government.

Otto recalled that in 1962, the former President of Uganda, Late Dr. Apollo Milton Obote joined hands with Kabaka Yeka (KY) and brought independence.

“In 1979, Lango also joined hands with other tribes and removed the former President Late Iddi Amin Dada from power, people should support the initiative of the People’s Front for Transition,” Otoo said, Friday.

Over 100 people from different parts of Lango sub-region attended the launch. The PFT is using a red card symbol with the inscription ‘TIME UP OUT’. The promoters believe it is time to change government in Uganda..

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