Uganda’s Mutuuzo attends IWPG global region 12 peace meeting 

(Last Updated On: 20 April 2024)


  • The meeting explored cooperation plans for peace implementation with official partner countries in Global Region 12, such as Uganda and Kenya. 

Seoul, UN | The Global Region 12 of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG), led by Regional Director Lee Soo-jeong, hosted delegations from member countries attending the 68th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW).

Last month’s event was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Officials from partner countries in region 12, Uganda and Kenya attended.

CSW is a functional commission of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that meets annually in March with governments, relevant international organisations, and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from around the world.

The delegations discuss policy cases for women’s empowerment and rights enhancement, as well as how to implement gender equality policies effectively.

The 68th session was titled “Accelerating Gender Equality and Empowerment for All Women and Girls by Addressing Poverty and Strengthening Institutions and Financing with a Gender Perspective.”

During the CSW session, the Global Region 12 met with Uganda’s Minister of State Gender and Culture Affairs, Minister Mutuuzo Peace Regis, Jennifer Aguti, a representative of the National Association of Women Organisations in Uganda, Faiza Badmus Busari, and Halla Al Karib, regional programme manager for the Strategic Initiative for Women in the Horn of Africa.

Another was Diana Nanyange, domestic coordinator for Empowerment for Youth Uganda. They discussed strategies for peace implementation.

Minister Mutuuzo shared a five-year national cooperation roadmap and detailed plans for Uganda, discussing other relevant issues. The Ugandan side promised to actively reflect and cooperate on the IWPG peace project in their national plans.

Kenyan officials met included Aisha Jumwa Katana, Minister of Women, Culture, Arts and Cultural Heritage; Dianah Kamande Wanjiku, representative of the Association for Widows and Orphans in Kenya; Hwatuma Harkar, representative of GirlKind Kenya.

Others were Yvonne Anyango, Executive Director for Sustainable Development Cooperation in Africa-Kenya; Angela Nguku of the White Ribbon Alliance Kenya; and Maureen Rovinnah, strategic partnerships manager of the Africa Medical Research Foundation.

They discussed IWPG’s introduction and vision, the importance of the DPCW, and practical peace implementation strategies, inviting them to the ‘2024 International Women’s Peace Conference’ in September.

Global Regional Director Lee Soo-jeong stated It was a meaningful time discussing practical solutions to enhance women’s gender equality and independence with women’s representatives and NGOs from various countries.

“We look forward to future developments as we implement the in-depth agreements made with Uganda’s Ministry of state Gender and Culture affair last September,” she added.

Meanwhile, IWPG hosted the solo NGO event: ‘Global Women’s Solidarity: Alleviating Gender Inequality Through Peace’ in front of the United Nations Headquarters at the Church Center (CCUN) on March 18.

Global Region 12 Director Lee Soo-jeong (M) with Faiza Busari, Uganda’s Regional Program Manager and others.

 At that forum, Susana Magdalena Flores, branch manager, San Francisco branch of IWPG Global Region 12, served as the moderator, discussing the relationship between peace and gender equality and how women’s solidarity plays a crucial role in achieving this.

IWPG has solidified its position as a leading global women’s peace organisation by hosting solo events at CSW for three years in a row.

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By Lia Yu, Media Manager, the IWPG.

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