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Oyam North Decides: “We’ve eyes everywhere deployed and we’re ready to protect our vote at any cost” – Arach

Kampala, July 5, 2023: Oyam North constituents will go to the poll on July 6, 2023, to elect their MP after the death of the former MP, Col. Rtd. Okello Engola Macodwogo.

Four candidates are in the race, among the UPC’s Dr Eunice Apio Otuko, FDC candidate Freddy Newton Okello, Daniel Okello for NUP and Samuel Okello Engola of the NRM.

The above candidates all completed their campaigns on July 4 as was scheduled by the electoral commission. With less than 24 hours to the polling, eyes are on the ground and different parties and their candidates are hopeful of the victory.

UPC, for example, is concerned about potential electoral malpractices and has been sending signals to those they think could be planning to rig the election.

Here is what the party spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon said on Wednesday.

“Following the release of the roadmap for the by-election of the directly elected Member of Parliament for Oyam North by the Electoral Commission on Monday 15th May 2023, which fell vacant due to the death of the incumbent, UPC would like to inform its membership and the general public that after the nomination of our candidate Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio, the party proceeded with the general campaigns which where headed by the party President Hon. Jimmy Akena and later joined by the party members of Parliament.


“We had a successful campaign period, where we accessed the electorate without any major challenges as the campaigns were closed yesterday. UPC would like to appreciate the party members and supporters who turned up at every campaign site and overwhelmingly welcomed our candidate in their respective sub-counties and parishes.

“We also call upon all members of Oyam North, electorate and supporters to turn up in big numbers tomorrow 6th July 2023 at the various designated polling station to not only cast their vote but also protect the vote of their candidate Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio.

“On a serious note, UPC reiterates the caution by the party President Hon. Jimmy Akena during the campaigns that no individual should dare to employ vote rigging schemes, during voting and vote counting. We as a party have eyes everywhere deployed and we are ready to protect our vote at any cost. We, therefore call upon all members of Oyam North to be vigilant. As a party, we demand free, fair and peaceful elections.

oyam north
UPC President Akena addresses people in Acut, Ngai sub-county on Thursday.

“In preparation for 6th July 2023, Election Day for the Oyam North by-election, the Party has identified and trained our agents and observers, on all possible tactics that could be employed to rig votes and also how to protect our votes, we are confident they will do a great job.

“All voters are encouraged to turn out in big numbers and vote for UPC candidate Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio. We assure you that your vote will be protected and counted.

“We want to thank the campaign team headed by the Party President Hon. Jimmy Akena, Members of Parliaments, party leaders on the ground and the electorate in Oyam North for the job well done so far.

“However, we are advocating for the people of Oyam North to come out in overwhelming numbers and early enough, come tomorrow and let’s vote for Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio and secure effective representation in Parliament by voting our own.

“We wish Dr. Eunice Otuko Apio a landslide victory comes tomorrow,” said Arach.

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