IWPG: Global Region 12 holds 4th commemoration of the International Women’s Day event

Last Updated on: 29th April 2023, 04:49 pm


  • The ceremony was held under the theme of “Strengthening Global Women’s Partnership for Sustainable Peace”
  • About 300 members attended the event at Jeonbuk Women’s Education and Culture Center on April 26, 2023

Seoul, April 29, 2023: The International Women’s Peace Group’s Global Region 12 Regional Director Yeo Mi-hyun held a ceremony at the Jeonbuk Women’s Education and Culture Center at 2 p.m. on April 26 under the theme of “Strengthening Global Women’s Partnership for Sustainable Peace”.

Hosted by the IWPG headquarters’s Representative Yoon Hyun-sook and organized by the IWPG Global 12 Korean Branch Association (Jeonju, Iksan, Gunsan, and Jeongeup), the event was established as “World Women’s Peace Day” on April 26, 2019.

Following the presentation of Park Hye-na, CEO of the Gunsan Vietnamese Migrant Women’s Council, and Kang Young-soo, chairman of the Gochang Regional Tourism Council, Yoon Hyun-sook’s “World Women’s Peace Declaration” was declared.

Since then, more than 300 members who participated in the event have held a performance with one mind to support and urge the “Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War” (DPCW).

Yoon Hyun-sook said in a commemorative speech, “The three key factors that will never collapse, such as the institutional approach to the international community, education and cultural aspects, and strong influence in individuals and civil society, are support, encouragement, peace education, and solidarity of women.”

Presenter Park Hye-na said, “I met my current husband in Vietnam and came to Korea. I was moved by the IWPG’s activities to inherit peace to future generations, so I encouraged multicultural migrant women to promote and join,” he said. “I realized that the message of peace, not just words, was the driving force for our children and families.”

Presenter, Kang Young-soo said, “Many people shouted for peace in the global village, but so far, the world of peace has not been maintained. Peace is not brought by anyone, but when we are together in small things, peace begins,” he said.

“As much as we dream of peace, peace will come to us.” Now my little choices and courageous actions can stop wars and conflicts. “Let’s call for support of Article 10, Paragraph 38 of the DPCW for the enactment of new international laws.”

The peace performance emphasized that when the gunfire goes off due to war, women block bullets with purple umbrellas and the answer to peace is “DPCW Article 10, Paragraph 38,” and contained a message to make peace with our hands.

Big attendance was registered on April 26, 2023.

Meanwhile, IWPG is a world-class female NGO registered with the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Department of Global Communications (DGC) and is headquartered in South Korea, with 110 branches and 500 cooperative organizations around the world.

It is also actively carrying out DPCW support and urging activities, women’s peace education, women’s peace networks around the world, and peace culture dissemination projects.

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