TRIDI refutes allegations it influences PAC’s investigations on Dr Musenero’s Covid-19 expenditures

Last Updated on: 28th March 2023, 11:03 am

Tropical Institute of Development Innovations (TRIDI), a company championing the sericulture project in Uganda has vehemently refuted a media allegation, accusing it of having a big influence into the findings on how Covid-19 fund was misused.

TRIDI says they are concerned. “…. has since noted with concerns the allegations making rounds on Trumpet News website alleging that TRIDI has a direct influence on Public Accounts Committee (PAC’s) investigations on Covid-19 expenditures.”

According to TRIDI’s Public Relations Officer Christine Awor, the same website also alleged that TRIDI’s Executive Director, Dr. Clet Wandui Masiga comes from the same village with MP of Budadiri West, Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi and that is why the Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation is being investigated on COVID 19 funds.

“It is against this background that TRIDI is disassociating itself from all allegations made. TRIDI has a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Uganda which clearly states the roles and Mandates of the Auditor General on projects funded by Government of Uganda,” Awor said, in a statement dated March 28, 2023.

She added that TRIDI has been receiving funding from the government since 2017 and has been submitting all accountabilities to the Office of the Auditor General. “Therefore, TRIDI has no business and influence in what the Office of the Auditor General does with the reports.”

Since TRIDI started receiving funds from the government, each year, the Office of the Auditor General audits government funds and it is the office of Auditor General who knows what to do with audit reports, she added.

“TRIDI would also like to clarify that its  Executive Director Masiga does not  come from the same village with Hon Nathan Mafabi as alleged by Trumpet News. It must be clearly ascertained that Dr.  Masiga comes from Bulambuli district while Hon. Mafabi comes from Sironko district despite the fact that these two districts are all located in Bugisu.”

While the two know each other, TRIDI says the PAC business has nothing to do with TRIDI and its Executive Director Masiga.

TRIDI has since taken a strong stand against having an influence in the decision of Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and has no mandate to influence any on-going investigation something which was alleged by the same website.

“On political affiliations, Masiga subscribes to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) party while Hon. Mafabi subscribes to FDC. Therefore, TRIDI as an independent Institution would like to disassociate itself from the allegations made on Trumpet News website, Twitter and has no involvement in PAC’s on-going investigations on the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovations Dr. Monica Musenero or any other institution or person.”

Musenero’s 2021 probe

In November 2021, Parliament named a five member committee to probe claims of misusing shs31billion the government had given to the ministry of Science and Technology under Minister Dr Monica Musenero.

The committee was led by the Ntungamo Municipality MP, Yona Musinguzi who told parliament later that Dr. Musenero misused shs31billion. The fund was meant to facilitate the production of Covid-19 vaccines for Uganda.

Recently, on Tuesday,  March 14, 2023 Dr Musenero and State House Controller Jane Barekye appeared before the committee that is considering the Auditor General’s ‘scientific investigation’ finding into Covid-19 funds received and expended  her ministry during financial years 2019/2020 and 2020/2021.

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The committee chairperson MP Medard Sseggona asked her (Dr Musenero) to explain why some of the needed documents was not availed to the Auditor General for scrutiny.

“I did not give the documents because i had not understood what was being asked for,” Dr Musenero responded.

More about TRIDI

TRIDI is the leading implementer of the Sericulture project in Uganda and envisions increased industrialization and export development through sustainable adoption of Sericulture technologies and Innovations in Uganda.

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