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TND News Journalist wins Merck Foundation Media Awards

(Last Updated On: 15 March 2023)

Isabella Awor Olong has won a prestigious award for her adept reporting. Awor, 26, is a TND News journalist covering Lango sub-region. She is based in Lira City.

For the last four years, she has worked on stories with specific focuses on health, women and girls’ plights – including environmental issues.

For the Merck Awards 2022, she was able to beat dozens of other applicants to emerge a winner for her story on diabetes and hypertension in the sub-region.

Read it here: Lango: The lives of diabetic patients and experts’ guidance as cases rise

“Congratulations! You have been selected as a Winner of the Merck Foundation Media Awards.  The Online Award Ceremony will be held on 21st March at 1 pm GST, where you will be presented the award and acknowledged by Senator, Dr. Rasha Kelej,” a message to Olong reads.

“This is the greatest achievement of my life,” Olong told her newsroom, Wednesday, adding: “I feel so excited; I don’t know how to express my joy.”

“At TND News, we are building a winning team and individuals who can shine. We’ll do more to mentor more as well as give a platform for women journalists within our newsroom and outside to showcase their work,” says Managing Editor, Milton Emmy Akwam.

“This award is singular and will motivate Olong and others to invest their time in doing a winning story. This is good news to all of us and we are proud of her.”

Olong is the second female journalist after Nancy Atim (our news contributor) based in Lira City to win an award in less than a month.

Nancy won the Ultimate Multimedia Consults Award 2023 as the best female journalist for multimedia reporting.

More on this latest news will be published in the coming days.

One thought on “TND News Journalist wins Merck Foundation Media Awards

  1. I would like to stop by thanking the almighty father for having keeping us up to this time I’m so happy for Isabella she’s she is such a hard-working journalist she loved the work I’m proud to be another Uganda person for me I do computer Graphics and Design I love all the journalists of Lira City I’m proud of them to excited may God bless Isabella AWOR

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