Reactivate old initiatives to fight Ebola – Govt told 

Last Updated on: 28th September 2022, 04:18 pm

“…Ebola, has re-occurred in a critical epicenter and sensitive District of Mubende which calls for a lot of vigilance,” Muzeyi Faizo.

By Our Reporter

Kampala – Sept. 28, 2022: The Ministry of Health last week announced an outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease in Mubende district. The announcement also included confirmation of the death of a male person.

As of Tuesday September 27, 2022, 23 people had died and 36 cases were confirmed. The disease, according to the Ministry, is spreading to other districts.  

Ebola joins Covid-19 pandemic, Malaria, HIV/AIDS among other diseases the county is battling with. Covid-19, especially, has killed hundreds to date and the government (Ministry of Health) has been commended for managing it.

Opposition figures (some) and their political parties, including experts, believed the government did a commendable work in controlling the pandemic, besides some alleging cases of misuse of funds and lack of a clear accountability. 

On Wednesday, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party asked the government to reactivate health initiatives they used before.

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“As the country is recovering from the effects of Covid-19 that claimed a number of lives and collapse of some businesses globally, another deadly disease, Ebola, has re-occurred in a critical epicenter and sensitive District of Mubende which calls for a lot of vigilance,” Muzeyi Faizo, the party’s head of media and communications, said.

He added: “UPC is calling upon the government to reactivate initiatives which have been undertaken before in the fight against cholera, Covid-19, floods, landslides and Ebola itself. This pool of experience should be tapped in and exploited to maximum.”

“Our National Rapid Response Unit should be well coordinated and facilitated in a special way to meet the challenges of the time. Ebola disease needs full alertness and cooperation from the society with respect to preventive measures and recommended treatment that ought to be available on time.”

During the critical time of the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, he said we regrettably lost some of our frontline health workers due to inadequate supply of protective gear.

“UPC urges the government and her line Ministry of Health (MoH) to ensure that enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are provided to all health workers as we fight against such deadly disease.”

“The Party equally calls upon members of the public to be more vigilant as well as following the MoH guidelines,” he added. 

President Museveni is expected to address the nation Wednesday night. He will talk about Ebola and other issues of national importance, the State House announced early this week.

It’s not yet clear about some of the initiatives or measures the health ministry (experts) have advised the President to tell the nation on the Ebola threat.

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