Inside TND News roundup with Bua John Ocen in Lira

(Last Updated On: 13 September 2022)

The news roundup are those from within Lira City and Lira District, respectively.

By Bua John Ocen

Lira – Sept. 13, 2022: The Mayor of Lira City Council Sam Atul has appealed to school authorities and candidates to work hard to pass the forthcoming final examinations. 

Mayor Atul hosted me for an interview last week.

UNEB will conduct final examinations for Primary Leaving Examination [PLE], Uganda Certificate of Education [UCE] and Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education [UACE]candidates in the next few months, with the latter candidates writing their exams until mid-December 2022.

Meanwhile, the education officer of Lira City Jasper Abura said the third term started with a low turn-up. He also told this digital publication that parents should go to the school authority and request them to allow their children to go back to study even when they have not paid or paid half of the fees.

Abura added that Lira City has 44 government-aided primary schools out of which six are senior secondary schools. 

During a visit by this Reporter to Lira Town College located in the heart of town, 222 students out of 2004 reported in the first week. The head teacher, Acen Sophia confirmed the enrolment, adding that students are “reporting poorly” compared to the second term.

“We are allowing students who paid 50 percent of fees,” she added.

Lango College received 199 students out of 1068 students between the first day and week, according to the headmaster Samy Okino.

He said the College has allowed candidates classes to attend classes ahead of the final exams.

Denis Odur Oremo, the Ogur sub-county chief said learners’ turn up is very poor in the sub-county. For example, in Aromo primary, 65 pupils reported out of 800 and in Oketkwer primary, 72 pupils out of 1045 pupils had reported in the first week.

Oremo vowed to arrest and take to the Courts parents who have kept children at home.


The director of Akalo Compressive Secondary School in Kole district has urged parents to take their children to school even if there is no money.

Mental health is still a big problem

The district health officer of Lira district Dr Patrick Buchan Ocen said Northern Uganda still have a lot of mental health problem and nodding disease. 

Speaking to our reporter in his office last week, Dr Patrick said the mental health problem in the region is a result of the war led by the Lord Resistant Army which, he said vandalized northern Ugandans for over 20 years.


“Many people got traumatized,” he said, congratulating the ministry of health and Makerere University School of Health for giving Lira district local government support.

He added that areas with high cases of mental health are Aromo, Bar and Amac sub-counties.


The Federation of Uganda Football Association [FUFA] president Mose Magogo has confirmed that the federation has given three million shillings to Lango and Acholi Provinces to support them in the ongoing FUFA Drum competitions.

Magogo said the money is to carter for players’ and staff facilitation; lunch, transport and accommodation. 

Speaking to journalists at St Lira Hotel, Magogo added their vision is to build capacity and create friendships among others. He all so thanked the people of Lango for their maximum support toward football.

“FUFA will train referees from the districts like Amolatar, Oyam, Lamwo and Omoro,” he revealed.

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