UPC condemns attacks on men in uniform, offers ideas

Last Updated on: 27th July 2022, 11:13 pm

Uganda Peoples Congress [UPC] is on record for lending ideas to the NRM government.

By Our Reporter

Kampala – July 27, 2022: Central Uganda has in the recent past become a center of high-profile murders, in some of these incidents, the attackers’ arsenals are known by the security teams. 

Dozens of Ugandans now live in fear whilst the government’s number one principal – President Museveni has always said those “pigs killing Ugandans will suffer”.

With these intolerable events expected to advance, Uganda Peoples Congress [UPC], on record for lending ideas to the NRM government, the citizens too, have been told to be vigilant and support the state investigators.

“On Monday, we received disturbing news through the various media outlets of the cruel murder of a police officer who was stabbed several times by the machete-wielding gang as identified by the police, leaving him dead and the others barely escaped with injuries fighting for their lives in Mulago Hospital,” Arach Oyat Sharon, the UPC spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Arach who was addressing a weekly press conference at Uganda House said as Uganda Peoples Congress, we condemn this kind of violence and unrest that has emerged in mostly Masaka sub-regions and other areas leaving some people dead. 

Unfortunately, she added that these attacks show that the assailants are not afraid of the police or law enforcement. If the police are being attacked, it makes us even more worried about the safety of the people in the country. 


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“We, therefore, call upon the security agencies to work hand in hand with the communities to arrest these criminals and restore harmony in our societies.”

In addition, she, on behalf of UPC urged the Uganda Police and the military to place trackers on the firearms given to the officers, as it is clear that sometimes the assailants are found in possession of firearms that belong to security agencies. 

“This brings us to the question of who is behind these attacks, what is the motive of stealing these guns? And what is the end game?” Jimmy Akena-led party added.

She concluded that UPC calls upon anyone who knows the whereabouts of these criminals to come out quietly and inform the police to quickly bring justice to those that have been killed in the hands of these machete men.

Seven days after he addressed the nation on inflation, the State House informed the country that Museveni will speak again on Wednesday evening.

Per the House’s communication, the president will speak on matters of national importance.

National security, the by-election in Soroti East, high cost of commodity, is one of them. 

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