Why Otto was arrested now known  

Last Updated on: 17th January 2022, 08:13 pm

“Otto has been a leader and maybe he is demanding for his people.”

Lira – January 17, 2022: The police at North Kyoga Regional Headquarters have confirmed they are holding activist and former Oyam South MP, Isaah Otto Amiza.

He is alleged to be a mastermind of a planned demonstration over the sorry state of Lira- Kamdini road. 

SSP Katungwesi Anatoli is the Regional Police Commander (RPC) North Kioga which comprises nine districts, a municipality, and a city all in Lango sub-region. 

He told journalists Monday afternoon: “It is true we picked him, he is with us for interrogations and we just want to find out what his intentions are.”

According to the RPC, security picked interest and intercepted Otto following his social media posts which were widely circulated urging for a protest on the dilapidated state of Lira-Kamdini road. 

The national road has since developed large potholes and has led to several fatal crashes.

RPC added security will not tolerate any group planning for a similar demonstration, adding that any aggrieved person should follow lawful avenues of filing a petition. 

Lira Resident City Commissioner Lawrence Egole also added his voice. According to Egole, protest and demonstration is not a solution to the sorry state of Lira – Kamdini road but rather engagements and lobbying with government agencies.

Egole also gave a hint that security circles are privy to reliable information that the planned demonstration is being orchestrated by politicians opposed to the NRM government and to cause insecurity in Lira City.

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Kole Woman MP, Judith Alyek who is also the chairperson of Lango Parliamentary Group told TND News on Monday evening that Otto like any aggrieved person has a right to demand a better service.

Asked if she was willing to have him released, she said: “I need to see him first, I have not heard from him.”

“He has been a leader and maybe he is demanding for his people,” LPG chairperson added.

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