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IWPG’s regional director, Cambodian branch manager talk peace at regular meeting

(Last Updated On: 1 October 2023)

Seoul | The Global Region 12 of the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) Regional Director Lee Soo-jung held the “International Women’s Peace Network Regular Meeting” at the Jeonju branch office in Wansan-gu, Jeonju, Seoul on September 22, 2023.

The regular meeting will continue to be held, among others, to experience the food of Chuseok, Korea’s upcoming unique holiday, and to learn about the activities and experiences of the four branches by inviting Hoy Sochivanny, Cambodia’s Phnom Penh branch manager, who visited the 2023 World Women’s Peace Conference on the 19th.

Starting with watching videos of activities in four branches, the meeting consisted of the first and second parts in the order of book story, DPCW education, cowbell performance, and Yodel Song special performance after introducing the guests with a greeting speech of regional director Lee Soo-Jung. 

We learned about Article 5 of the Peace Declaration on the End of the Global War (DPCW Article 10, Paragraph 38), which is the answer to peace, and had a good time eating Chuseok holiday food prepared by each branch.

Lee Soo-Jung, Regional director, said, “The role of women is even more important at a time of social conflict and difficulties,” adding, “Women’s solidarity and establishment of correct values are also very important.” 

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“To this end, regular meetings of the World Women’s Peace Network are being held every month at each branch of the IWPG. 

“I think today will be a special regular meeting with Hoy Sochivanny, Cambodian branch manager,” she said. “I hope you will see and feel a lot of things and show a beautiful culture of peace to the Cambodian branch,” she added. 

International Women’s Peace Group Global Region 12, Global regional Director Lee Soo-jung Cambodia Branch and 4 branches in Korea Jeonju, Iksan, Gunsan, and Jeongeup.

Hoy Sochivanny, Cambodian branch manager, said, “Thank you for welcoming me with such a bright smile at the regular meeting after watching the September 19 event. 

“As I learned here, I will tell the meeting and the government to work for peace, ” she pledged, adding: “Cambodia also has a painful history. So I came to learn how to be at peace.

“We will go back to our country and grow our branch through extensive and active activities so that there should be peace in Cambodia.

Hoy added: “We will promote peace education, training women’s peace instructors, and the work of DPCW and the activities of branches in Global Region 12 around the world and show the results next year.”

Meanwhile, IWPG is a global female NGO registered with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the Global Communications Agency (DGC).

The Group is actively supporting and urging international peace law, women’s peace education, women’s peace network around the world, and spreading peace culture. 

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