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North Kyoga: Christians advised to be vigilant during Easter

As Christians and even pagans prepare to celebrate Easter on Sunday, they have been called upon to be vigilant because during such occasion criminals always take advantage.

Speaking to the press at Lira Central Police Station on April 3, 2023, the North Kyoga Regional Police PRO, SP Jimmy Patrick Okema said when people are gathered to celebrate criminals always commit crimes like theft, robbery, defilement, assault.

He added that on a day like Easter, road crashes occur.

“Security starts with you,” Okema said, urging people to report any criminal or any suspicious person seen in their locality.

SP Okema also asked the public to arrest any suspected persons and hand them to police for further investigations but cautioned citizens against mob justice on criminals.

He said citizens are empowered under section 15 of the criminal procedure code Act which allows them to arrest someone believed to have committed an offence or about to commit and handover to responsible authority for further management.

“Our emergency call center of 999 and 112, CCTV camera’s command center is on surveillance and the canite unit is alert 24/7. The team is ready to respond to any incidences,” said Okema.

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Okema gave an assurance to the public that as police “they are very much committed to securing the Easter period” and wished the Christians a wonderful celebration and Muslims a peaceful fasting period.

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament of the Bible, the event is said to have occurred three days after Jesus was crucified by the Romans and died in roughly 30 A.D.

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